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TOUR TO DISCOVER THE FAIRY TALES' TOWN AND THE MAGICAL WORLD OF STEPAN ZAVREL A visit to Sàrmede , the Fairy Tales' Town, allows you to discover the works of Stepan Zavrel,  the most important and representative illustrators of the European arena in the last thirty years, displayed at the museum and visit the more than 50 frescoes painted on houses. Štěpán Zavřel: the artist

Štěpán Zavřel was born in Prague in 1932, yet he lived in Rugolo di Sàrmede from 1968 until the day he passed away in February 1999.
He was one of the most important and representative illustrators of the European arena in the last thirty years.
A versatile artist with an extraordinary inventive skill, architecture, decoration, scenography and creating frescoes which even today still adorn the streets of Sàrmede. He co-conceived the idea for the le immagini della fantasia Exhibition and founded the International School of Illustration; Štěpán Zavřel dedicated his whole life to art and illustration leaving behind him a wealth of creativity which even today continues to generate new ideas and projects.
Sàrmede has dedicated a Museum and a square to him, and year after year carries on developing its project centred on the art of illustrating children’s books and the training of young professionals.Thanks to the presence of this artist, Sàrmede has become ' dressing ' of illustration : in 1997 Stepan Zavřel started to fresco outside the Town Hall and , Jozef Wilkon , Polish illustrator recognized worldwide, continued in 2000 for creating the frescoes , sculptures in wood and metal and an impressive fresco in the Council Hall .
Since then we enter City Hall through a landscape between the fantastic and the real, populated by a local wildlife , exotic and fantastic animals. Since 2005 have been painted by Wilkon also the five arches of the exterior facade to tell the stories of local Saints : St. Cecilia , St. Anthony of Padua , St. George, St. Pancras, Saints Canzio , Canziano and Canzianilla . Today there are nearly fifty frescoes and paintings by illustrators , artists and students of the International School of illustration Sàrmede .


The tour of the museum and the frescoes in Sàrmede by an expert of the Foundation.
During the year, the tour can be arranged on request.
Fondazione Mostra Internazionale
d'lllustrazione per l'Infanzia "S. Zavrel"
Via Marconi, 2 - 31026 Sàrmede - Tv (Italia)
Tel. +39 0438 959582 - Fax. +39 0438 582780
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The Foundation organizes the international exhibition of illustrations for children Le immagini della fantasia in Sàrmede, known as the fairy tales town. The numbers for each edition : 300 works , 150 illustrators worldwide, 30.000 visitors , 100 workshops, readings and animated educational tours , 30  illustration summer and autumn courses off the International School of Illustration (participation of 400 students a year from all over the world).
via Marconi 2
31026 - Sarmede (TV)
+39 0438959582
Yderligere oplysninger
Sàrmede, the fairy tales’ village is near Treviso (Veneto Region) and it has become famous for its international Exhibition of Illustration for Children Le immagini della fantasia. The idea of setting up the Exhibition was conceived in 1982 by Štěpán Zavřel, a renowned illustrator from Prague who later moved to Rugolo in Sàrmede. Since then, spurred on by ever-increasing success and the invaluable help of many artists, the Exhibition has shown over 300 works of art from countries all over the world to its numerous visitors each year, taking them on a fabulous journey through the fanciful imagination of each country.
The objectives of the Foundation: continual improvement, teaching and training
• The Exhibition, along with its official volume, is intended as a way to become acquainted with and continually improve on the work produced year after year in this field at International level; presenting the latest trends and the most original developments in contemporary illustration to an ever-growing public is one of its most important aims.
• By virtue of a wide range of teaching activities, the Exhibition has always emphasised and promoted the cultural importance and educational value of the illustrated book.
• The International School of Illustration lies at the heart of the Exhibition and brings out considerable creative energy: that of the artists who teach and pass on the most stimulating aspects of their own personal experiences to their pupils, and that of the pupils who bring to the School new ideas and an intense desire to learn to illustrate in an independent and original way.
One, two, three, lots of Touring Exhibitions
One of the project’s main aims is to convey the culture of beautiful illustration to a wider public, and for this reason the Exhibition is constantly on the move. Since 1991, it has travelled from Sàrmede to be presented in prestigious centres including: Florence , Genoa, Milan , Monza, Naples, Rome , Siena , Verona , Vicenza , Bratislava, Geneva , Edinburgh , Honfleur, Istanbul , Lisbon , Ljubljana, Madrid , Centre Pompidou, Paris , Salzburg , Sarasota, Florida (USA ), Seville , Stuttgart, Vienna.
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