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ART IN THE HISTORICAL WINERY ALBINO PIONA. GUEST ARTIST AND WRITER: M. PIONA AND G. PONZETTI. TOPIC: A unique experience combining art and wine tasting, surrounded by the beautiful hills of Custoza, a few kilometers from Garda Lake. 6th EDITION - ART IN THE WINERY 2015
Every year, the Albino Piona winery hosts ”Art in the Winery”. This cultural event is following an annual program, and it’s organized in conjunction with important events of the area, including Vinitaly, Mille Miglia, and Marmomacc, these are all trade shows of great international importance.
Every exposition within “Art in the Winery” lasts about a month. In the opening days of each exhibition, the exhibiting artists will be present in the temporary art gallery during visiting hours. Admission is free, and the gallery is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30am – 12:30pm; 2:30pm – 6:30pm (winery opening hours).
Artists are selected according to their art pieces and their relevance to the theme chosen for the edition of “Art in the winery”.
2015 will be full of new innovations, with the upcoming EXPO 2015 entitled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, containing issues of current importance concerning nutrition and insufficient land resources.
Hence these arguments are what has inspired the Albino Piona Winery to create this year’s 6th Edition artistic calendar of “Art in the Winery”.
From April to October the temporary art gallery will host the art collections of Roberto Bravi, Giovanni Cavassori, Ermanno Leso, Sergio Piccoli and Monica Piona and Alberto RIzzini.
During the inauguration of each exhibition the artist will present their artwork while the Albino Piona Winery offers Custoza and Bardolino DOC wines, sparkling Estro di Piona Blanc and Rosé, Verde Piona amongst other Piona wines.
Wine tastings and tours at the Albino Piona Winery are welcomed throughout the whole year; it is an opportunity to learn about the local food, wine and peculiarities of the Custoza DOC wine region.
Cultural festival supported by Provincia di Verona and Comune di Sommacampagna.
Details about “Art in the Winery 2015” will be available on the Winery website


September: an event dedicated to FOOD. Opening 5th of September 2015 with a chance to meet the artist and the writer.
Oil paintings illustrating fruit and vegetable will be exhibited, while novels and recipes will be read.
During opening day it will be possible to visit the Winery and learn about all the phases of wine production, from grapevine cultivation to grape harvest, then pressing and finally bottling.

“I graduated at the Arts high school of Verona. I then worked as fashion designer and pattern maker. I dedicated myself to needle works and clothing creation. After I attended free courses at the Cignaroli Academy, where I had the chance to learn several painting, drawing and photography techniques, thanks to the following teachers: M. Taioli, N. Nannini, R. Cinquetti, D. Innocente, S. Debastiani e A. Rizzin. I attended  M. Bogoni e F. Veneri improvers classes.
The different artistic experiences led me to test and perform mixed techniques’ artworks.
The fruit and vegetable works are realism oil paintings. A precise photographic study has been done before painting these works, in order to reproduce in detail colors and shapes on the painting itself.” (Monica Piona).
Giovanni Ponzetti, writer for love, proposes “ …Pan’s and Pen’s” a publication carried out in cooperation with Carlo Currado. An old recipe book, a bizarre Duke keen about cooking and the finding of a manuscript, are the ingredients of this book, that takes the readers back to the canavesan traditions and to all those memories that the food and its tastes recall. A gastro-literary banquet, made of recipes and novels, to which all readers are invited in order to share emotions and scents of the past.
  • località Casa Palazzina di Prabiano, n°2 Villafranca
    Villafranca (VR)


We are a historic Winery in Custoza, founded in 1893.We have been preserving, for four generations, the passion for the authentic taste of the wine, following it in each phase, from the vine production, to the sale.In the new headquarters, where we also organize art events, you are always welcome to discover our winery during a guided winery tour and to taste and find the right wines for all tastes.
loc Casa Palazzina di Prabiano N 2
37069 - Villafranca di Verona (VR)
+39 045 516055
Yderligere oplysninger
The origins of our Company date back to 1893, when the hilly land of Custoza gave us the idea to start a new exciting business adventure.
Thanks to the mild microclimate given by the lake and the chemical composition of the soil, we were able to increase the value of the millennial morainic hills, by cultivating the vines in order to produce wine.
We have therefore been preserving, for four generations, the passion for the authentic taste of the wine, following it in each phase, from the vine to the production, to the sale. We believe that our commitment and professionalism are the perfect match needed in order to achieve the high level of excellence, that we continuously aim to reach.
Thanks to the background inherited by our ancestors, we are able to handle the 77 hectares, family property, of vines and take care of the vine, of the wine-making and of the final product sales.
Tradition and innovation work well together, using modern technology that grant more and more improvements for the product quality and the respect of the environment.
We produce 500.000 bottles every year, divided in DOC, reserves, selections and sparkling wines.
We would be more than happy  to let you taste our wines at our winery.
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