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VISIT INTERPORTO PADOVA, A JEWEL OF INTERMODALITY AND SUSTAINABLE LOGISTICS A series of scheduled visits to the Interporto Padova Spa’s facilities, will allow you to have an overview of the management of the infrastructure dedicated to intermodal transport and logistics, including the urban distribution and voted for company mission to environmental sustainability
Once a month, from May to October 2015, Interporto Padova Spa opens its doors to visitors of the Veneto region interested in understanding how it works the jewel of intermodal and logistics of the northeast.
The logistics platform of Padua is extended over an area of more than 1 million square mt. in property, 240 000 of which for terminal operations and 270 thousand of covered warehouses, of which 18 000 at controlled temperature; from its railway terminals departs around 5,500 block trains that connect each year the structure to the main Italian ports and northern Europe.
To discover how Interporto Padova Spa runs, will mean to approach a facility who promote a more environmentally friendly way of transport, the rail intermodality alternative to the road transport, a green logistics dedicated to the distribution of goods in the last urban mile performed by eco-friendly vehicles and its logistics infrastructure hosting the largest photovoltaic plant on the roofs for the production of clean energy.

From May to October 2015, one Thursday per month, in the morning, you can take a guided tour of the logistics and intermodal facilities of Interporto Padova spa.
The appointment is to be agreed with the company's offices.
In the case of visitors in a group, you will need to arrange a bus to access the facilities of the intermodal terminal.
More information on the company website

  • Galleria Spagna 35
    Padova (PD)


Interporto Padova Spa is one of the three main Italian dry ports and performs logistics and intermodal operations in its owned area of 1 million sq. mt, of which 300.000 for warehouses and 270.000 for rail activities. About 5,500 trains / year connect the facilities to Italian and north European ports. It manages the service Cityporto for the distribution of goods in the city with eco-friendly vehicles. In 2013 the Company reached a net profit of over € 300.000 and revenues of over € 33 million.
Galleria Spagna 35
35127 - Padova (PD)
0039 049 7621811
Yderligere oplysninger
Interporto Padova is a national leading company in the planning, development and management of logistics platforms for intermodal freight transport.
It is situated in a central area of road and rail routes of central importance to the Veneto and the Northeast. This location is a key of success for Interporto Padova.
Founded in 1973, the structure is now considered a perfect combination of areas and advanced services to the transport and logistics operators of all sizes and a sophisticated "intermodal heart" of more than 400,000 square meters that can "shift" freight from heavy vehicles to efficient rail traffic.
The surface of Company’s owned land is about 1.1 million square meters, including warehouses, rail terminals, yards and offices.
Every day arrive and depart from Interporto twenty complete freight trains that regularly connect to the main national and European ports (Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Trieste, Koper, Rotterdam, Bari, London, etc ..). Goods arrive in containers from the large production areas of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino and the North East of Emilia and are intended to world markets. The area of terminal-station is managed with a software developed directly by the Company with the most modern algorithms used in the best international ports. Powerful mobile cranes owned by Interporto Padova deal with the passage of the containers from the truck to the train for the final destination.
The traffic in 2013 exceeded 250,000 TEUs (international unit equal to one 20-foot container - about 6m), an increase of 26% compared to 2012. From the environmental point of view is equivalent to removing from the roads over 200,000 heavy vehicles, improving road safety and air quality.
Since 2012 Interporto also became MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) that is to say a company that buys regular train paths by railway companies to some destinations, with the purpose of reselling to companies the transport service through the use of swap bodies, trailers or containers that travel on the those trains.
The whole area is wired with optic fibre connections at very high speed (the network is owned by Interporto Padova Spa). Yards and warehouses (270,000 sqm of owned covered warehouses) are connected to the node located in the Interporto Management Centre, are video monitored and accesses are controlled by gate access according to the standards "toll highway" (in private management).
Interporto manages on behalf of the operators the service of distribution in cities with eco-friendly vehicles (CNG), named Cityporto which is considered at European level as an example of sustainable urban logistics, active since 2004. The sophisticated system of tracings of packages unable also small operators that, given their size, would not be able to develop such integrated systems.
In 2013 Cityporto exceeded the record figure of 100,000 deliveries per year. This result means concretely a decrease in the number of vehicles in the city center with lower emissions of PM10 and carbon dioxide thanks to thousands of km less travelled each day in the city. The service has been extended recently also the tourist spa area of Euganean Hills, adjacent to the city of Padua and extended to the delivery of products such as bottled drinks and drums and others to cafes and bars with special ecological means.
Last appearance of the great efforts to promote freight with attention to environmental sustainability is to install on the roofs of existing warehouses of one of the largest Italian photovoltaic plants, with a production of more than 12 MW. The equivalent annual consumption of 4,000 households
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