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PRESENTATION OF THE BOOK ON BRAININITALY Expo  2015 is the occasion to present the book about brainINitaly, that is  the economic value of Italian identity and creativity. The theme introduced in  this book is deeply rooted  in the local Venetian context , particularly related to the strong presence of manufacturing activities on one hand, and the presence of a well-established and high corporate culture on the other. The Veneto region, an area so  rich in cultural and tourist attractions, has become a meeting and evolution  point for all sectors of manufacturing  in national and international contexts. This fact is confirmed by the presence of several industrial districts. Recently, the Veneto Region has acknowledged 17of them, among which the shoe of the Riviera del Brenta, the Tanning of Arzignano, the mechanics of the  northern Vicenza area, the Classic style  Furniture of Livenza, the Eyeglass framing  of Belluno, the Goldsmith of  Vicenza area , the footwear and technical sporting goods of Asolo and Montebelluna, Artistic Pottery  of Nove and Bassano del Grappa, stainless appliances of  Conegliano and Treviso, the conditioning and refrigeration of Padua district, the Roundabout  of  Polesine, the Fish farming of Polesine and Lower Ventian area, the Marble and the stone of Verona area , the Classic style Furniture of   Verona southern area  , Prosecco  of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the Artistic Murano Glass and Venetian glass and the wine of Valpolicella and Soave. All the acknowledged districts represent  very wide  combinations made of businesses along the various supply chains. This has generated and generates a continuous creation of know-how which must  be safeguarded and whose value must be appreciated not only at a  local level , but especially  the international one. The initiative promoted by brainINitaly wants to make  those unique and cross values emerge and converge so that small and medium-sized Italian companies get aware of their being part of a shared high value, regardless of the field they work in, because of Italian identity  and its most captivating creativity which has always been  envied and competed for in the world. Thus the book on  brain IN italy becomes an instrument to create a unique and shared awareness of these peculiarities, communicating the existence and effectiveness of a methodology able to give voice to small and medium-sized Italian companies and eventually  to promote  and  protect them from that corrosive  phenomenon of Italian sounding: the misuse of Italian flag, to which we can and must react.

Further  details about the event , which is free, will be given in a short time.
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    Arzignano (VI)


According to  Istat, 1000 companies export almost the 14% of the national GDP while other 160,000 SMEs export around the  2% of GDP. What brainINitaly Srl  aims at  is  to support these unbranded  SMEs  in the world: promoting and protecting their  exclusive origin in  technology and their skill in reproducing it permanently, their Italian knowledge and company creativity. brainINitaly greatest interest is assuring clients and investors about  the pure  Italian identity of products and companies
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36071 - Arzignano (VI)
Yderligere oplysninger
The initiative was founded in 2012 on  the intuition that the significant identity and creativity of Italian companies was to be considered as a highly relevant economical  value  .Through offering practical tools of business organization and supporting  export, our services are divided intothe following areas:
Digital check up: Analysis of the  company existing  visibility on the web, followed by an analysis of how main competitors  move in the Internet. Digital publishing plan.
Check list of design processes and final production  identification: Methodology of analysis on the company organization based on direct verification in the company, aiming at  identifying the marking out elements for  Italian identity, and steady ability to be creative in the processes;
 Company's presence on the web and social platform of brainINitaly, currently visited by more than 30 countries around the world and hundreds of followers, with their official  page and link to their site; Networking with a select group of internationalisation experts.
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