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IV° EUROPEAN VOLKSWAGEN MEETING ITALY Energy for life. Energy that unites lovers of vintage cars in a weekend hosted in a Palladian Villa of '600.
Gathering multi vintage cars organized by Bassanesi Beetles, Volkswagen Club of Bassano del Grappa (VI).
ENERGY, the energy that comes from the passion of the participants to our meeting
LIFE Life is the desire to be together, listening to concerts in stunning residence Palladian Villa Morosini, Hat, Battaggia, Lampertico, Vanzo Mercante called "Palace" is a Venetian villa located in the center of Cartigliano, in the province of Vicenza.
Villa Morosini, Hat, Battaggia, Lampertico, Vanzo Merchant, City of Cartigliano, called the Palace

In 1417 the Venetian government sends in Bassano with the office of mayor, the Venetian patrician Pietro Morosini branch of San Silvestro. Thus began the interest of the family for the Bassano area so that Jerome Hat, son of Peter, in 1480 he rented a house near the church perpetuity. The purpose is commercial. In fact by the Brenta, which flows west of the country, comes from Feltre and Trentino timber then conveyed, always via water in the lagoon.
In 1511 during the War of the League of Cambrai are burned properties Morosini, who subsequently build the current new porticoed addressed. After the opening of the canal Bernarda, resulting from the Brenta, the Morosini start production activities with the construction of mills and a fulling for working clothes. Goes hand in hand, the increase of agricultural funds.
The bulk of the company pushes the family to take 1580 the construction of a new villa overlooking west on brolo realized over the Brenta and east on the court bounded by the barns; court which extended after two rectangular ponds, in a vast garden.
The new house looks like a rectangular building, built on two floors plus the barns, with a median room, and four symmetrical rooms per side. Designer is probably the Bassano Francesco Zamberlan, one of the last employees of Palladio. Later in the mid '600 Piero Morosini commissioned the architect Antonio Sardi, father of the more famous Giuseppe, to complete the construction site. E 'therefore likely that it is up to Sardis on the porch pillars and entablature above loggia with Ionic columns surrounding the sixteenth century construction. On both sides of the middle section is advanced and concluded by an attic lookout with triangular pediment.
In 1661 the villa was inherited by the patrician Girolamo Hat Branch San Lunardo. In 1786 Cartigliano passes by dowry to Battaggia that early 800 sell to Vicenza Lampertico. Happen accounts Vanzo Merchant of Bassano who in 1966 sold the villa in total abandonment to the City of Cartigliano. In 1976 began the restoration, not yet fully concluded.
In the recovery of the central hall of the main floor have emerged over the doors emblems paintings of Venetian families Hat, Grimani, Lando, Piscopia.
In one room houses a collection of antique prints.

Program Saturday, May 23, 2015:
09.00 open enrollment and delivery gadgets at Villa M.Cappello in Cartigliano (VI)
10.30 departure tour with where our cars are going to visit places of cultural and scenic interest.
12.30 Lunch at the Restaurant Pizzeria "Argentina" Fara Vicentino (VI)
15.00 return drove in Villa M. Cappello
               afternoon with a static display of the cars
               relaxation and entertainment
19.30 dinner in Barchessa organized by the Pro Loco of Cartigliano (VI)
21.00 concert UNCLE BLUES & MARBLE CATS band from Bergamo
22.30 Vintage Night, music and dancing in the splendid Palladian Villa
Program Sunday, May 24, 2015:
09.00 open enrollment and delivery gadgets at Villa M.Cappello Cartigliano (VI)
10.30 departure tour where with our cars we will visit places of cultural and scenic interest.
12.30 gala dinner in Barchessa organized by Pro Loco of Cartigliano (VI)
14.00 awards and certificate
              afternoon in music Villa M. Cappello
For reservations and information Gian Paolo 392.8873731
- Fb: Beetles Bassanesi -
  • Villa Morosini Cappello
    Cartigliano (VI)


The Beetles Bassanesi: We organize events to contribute to the knowledge of the Myth of the VW Beetle and derivatives.
This passion leads us to learn, travel and socialize with new people from the most diverse walks of life.
Bassano del Grappa is located in the northeast of the Italian peninsula, in the heart of the Veneto region, on the border between the provinces of Vicenza e Padova
The city is located at the foot of the Venetian Alps (Asiago Plateau and Monte Grappa) scenery unmistakable!
C.da colle alto 41
36061 - Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Yderligere oplysninger
I MAGGIOLINI BASSANESI" a group of friends animated by a great passion: the VW Beetle and its derivatives
It started in 2006, as told by a beautiful song, "we were four friends at the bar, and we dreamed of change ..." not the world, but to have the opportunity to come together to warm up old friendships and above all make new, organize rallies and attend events Italian and European. So it was.
Our first gathering brings together eighteen crews up to the fifth in 2010, becoming international, with the participation of beetles arrived from Germany and Austria, collects in Liberty Square ninety eight crews taking a walk in Bassano del Grappa over two hundred people.
In 2012 we organized the First European Meeting of international VW both for the location (the beautiful setting of the Palladian Villa of Cartigliano (VI)) and the number of 154 crews arrived also from various European locations. Do not pay, to complete the work we have organized, with the help of several friends / sponsors, "Herbie Race" skills competition time! And now we expect the Expo!
Kalender Expo Veneto

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