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FROM DOLOMITES TO VENICE AND BACK:THE CHARMING JOURNEY OF THE WOOD BETWEEN HISTORY AND TRADITION Venice finds his basement upon Dolomites mountains’wood;that wood comes today to a second life,thanks to a capable and fine restoring,through the hands of fine artisans of ANTICO E’.A new life in wooden floors and furniture items that marries with other materials crafted by expert artisans The underlying theme of this itinerant trip is the opportunity to see the possible variations of reclaimed wood reclaimed in Venice,  restored from Antico E ' and relocated in prestigious locations, partners of this event.
 This trip has the goal to fascinate the participants and leave them with the pleasant memory of the history of the Venetian tradition, from the point of view of craftsmanship realizations, of culinary art and of  the hospitality and wellness.
 The journey begins in Venice, where guests will be led to the discovery of the beauties of the city and  its most famous islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello.
In the evening  guests will enjoy the delicious local cuisine on the terrace of the renowned Venetian restaurant Ai Piantaleoni, being delighted by the unique panorama of the lagoon and its breath-taking sunsets.
 The journey continues in Treviso, important historical town in Veneto region: here - welcomed by the professional staff of luxury Relais Monaco - our guests will enjoy the taste of local food in the traditional “trattorie” in the city centre, like in the “Trattoria Alla Finestra”
 The secrets of glassmakers will be unveiled in an interesting visit  to the famous Maestro Marco Varisco’s  in his own atelier, as they have been handed down to him from his ancestors;
  The next stage of the trip will accompany our guests in front of the Dolomites Mountains - UNESCO environmental  heritage - in Belluno,  the northernmost district of Veneto region, where ANTICO E’ will be pleased to let them appreciate both the value of its craftsmanship woodworks (entirely and 100% Made in Italy) and the uncompromising attention to human health and the environment in any single step of its restoring and production process.
ANTICO E’ production is deeply based on low environmental impact with use of exclusively natural products; finishing products they can be even flavored with natural customized fragrances!   
 Guests can then enjoy local specialties at the historic restaurant, La Taverna, a cuisine that the skillful chef Massimo will propose according to ancient traditions.  In the evening,  guests will stay at Villa Carpenada, Belluno, ancient Bishop’s house in the green countryside, from which the guest can admire a wonderful surrounding natural spectacle.
 The last day guests will be accompanied in Cortina - also known as “the pearl of the Dolomites” -  where they  can relax themselves and enjoy the care of expert hands of wellness’ professionals at Rosapetra Hotel: one of the top 100 most valued spa centre in the world.
One can’t walk away from Cortina without tasting the delicious gastronomic specialties of this broad mountain valley, in one of the many traditional restaurants. Also worth seeing is the next and last step of this journey: a visit to the atelier of smith Fabbro Zino, where guests will be admired by the handcraft realizations in metal.
After being delighted and fascinated by this “5-days wonders trip” …it is now to go back!

The trip is composed in 5starting dates and lasts 5 days every time, from Monday to Friday, with a minimum number of 10 and a maximum number of 15 participants.
day 1:Arrival at airport in Venice,free transfer to Murano island,check in at Lagare hotel and apertif at Locanda Sottovento,lunch (at own cost) at Piantaleoni restaurant,visit to Basilica,to one of the furnaces and then to the glass museum. Dinner at the hotel, where the customer will benefit of a 20% discount off and hotel stay at own cost ( room’s price 110€/180€)
day 2:individual itinerary:a)trip to Venice with English speaking guide available (approximate cost: 100€/ hour),private taxi(max 20 persons at € 250 inbound and outbound).Lunch (not included) return to the hotel and then to Marco Polo airport with transfer;b)sightseeing in  Burano and Torcello islands,free aperitif and then lunch (with 20% discount off) at Ponte del Diavolo restaurant,return to the hotel and with transfer;arrival in Treviso with transfer (price is not included), welcome at the Relais with a glass of wine and dry snack,dinner à la carte with 10% discount off and overnight stay at Relais Monaco (approximate cost for double or triple room is  100€/120€). 
Day 3:Visit at the company Varisco Cristalli ,lunch at Alla finestra restaurant with local menu and fixed price 20€ per person with free aperitif,sightseeing in Treviso old town centre,departure to Belluno with free transfer,dinner à la carte at Villa Carpenada (with 10% discount off ) and overnight stay at Villa Carpenada (price: 100€ per room).
Day 4: visit in Antico E' company,lunch at typical restaurant  La Taverna ( free aperitif and  
fixed menu at 25€ per person),transfer to Cortina with bus (not included),dinner à la carte (with 10% discount off ) and overnight stay at Rosapetra Hotel (190€/225€ per room)
Day 5:sightseeing  in  Cortina,visit to the Fabbro Zino Studio Workshop,transfer to airport in Venice in the afternoon price not included
for contact
  • Antico E' -Zona Industriale Gresal 14
    Sedico (BL)
  • Piantaleoni Hotel-Rivalonga 25
    Murano (VE)
  • Cristalli Varisco-via Nervesa della Battaglia
    Treviso (TV)
  • Rosapetra Hotel-Via Zuel di Sopra
    Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
  • Fabbro Zino-Località Pian da Lago
    Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)


32036 - SEDICO (BL)
Yderligere oplysninger
True value of ancient wood, guardian of the memory of those steps that, during the time, have lived that floor: those vigorous steps of the one who worked it, those tiny steps of the one who grew up on it, those light steps of the one who loved, those uncertain steps of the old ones… Antico E’ creates wooden floors that carry this history between its own wood’s grain.  Each single plank tells a history…
ANTICO E’ is a young company founded in 2000 and run by Paolo Zago, together with his wife Isabella Chieregato;  thanks to his deep passion and competence, result of a long experience  reached in working with wood.  ANTICO E’ is specialized in reclaim  & restore of ancient woods, with which they give life to wooden floors in planks and custom patterned floors of high aesthetical value.
In recent years, the presence of Antico E ' on the market,  has been gradually growing stronger, and the company can now boast many achievements: wooden floors of Antico E' are indeed protagonists both in small and large restructuring, both in private home as well as in public areas, in Art galleries and museums  as well as luxury hotels.
Although being an industry, peculiarity of the company is the capability of manufacturing any custom request, even those of the most sophisticated and innovative professional.
 Antico E’ is able to produce exclusive and unique pieces, meeting the requests of the most demanding customer.
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