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READING SHAKESPEARE: “THE MERCHANT OF VENICE” Our itinerary will make you relive the Jewish Venice of the end of the 16th century by visiting the places quoted by Shakespeare in his famous play, “The merchant of Venice”. The itinerary is intended for visitors groups (minimum 20 people) that over the EXPO like to discover all the hidden souls of Italy.
If Venice boasts a sad leadership for having built the first ghetto in Europe and for having created this word, it is also true that it represents the most visible example of a cultural melting-pot which lit up the main Italian ghettoes and made them the most ground-breaking quarters.
It should be remembered that in the case of “La Serenissima” (The Venetian Republic) the institution of the ghetto was decided by the Doge (Venice’s king) in order to protect the Jewish community of the city. In fact, it proved that the community was far too precious for the lagoon economy to be expelled like the Papacy wanted.
In the first decades of the 18th century, Venice’s ghetto reached the peak of its vitality: it had its own university, its musical academy, its hospital, its bookshop and its hotel. Consequently, it became an urban and architectural jewel born from the encounter between figurative Northern culture - belonging to the first Ashkenazi people - and the Mediterranean tradition of Sefardits - who came to the place. The symbolic sites of this heritage are surely the 5 synagogues which still exist and which belong to 3 different rites: Ashkenazi, Italian and Sefardi.
A further proof of the Jewish presence in Venice is the Jewish cemetery located along Riviera di San Niccolò in Lido. Its decadent charm inspired great Italian and foreigner writers such as Bassani and Byron.

The tour lasts a day and requires a minimum of 20 participants.
We accept reservations for groups and individuals.
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