VILLA CIVILIZATION The Villa Veneta from fifteenth century to the present day: a meeting, leisure, culture and production place, able to fix in time a territory and its people. Through the visit of Villa Chiminelli, the guest will experience some of the most relevant aspects of the so-called 'civilization' of the villas’. The visit will start with the vision of the beautiful frescoes of the Veronese school, containing sacred elements and profane ones and a "stargate" of the Veneto countryside of 1500. The visit will then highlight a description of the architectural features of the Venetian villas, and of their role as places of leisure and entertainment. The Chiminelli Villa, with adjacent barns and outbuildings and museums of peasant art also testifies the close links between the Villa and the surrounding agricultural land, emphasizing the continuous thread that ties culture, entertainment, manufacturing, food and everyday life. Thanks to the secular presence of the Villa, this relationship has been passed down to our generation. The vineyards used for prosecco, further consolidate the link between the culture and food in the land of Giorgione.

Open to the public every Sunday from 15:00 to 19:00 with purchase of ticket. Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time. The Villa can be visited on other days and times only by appointment. Villa Chiminelli is located a few kilometers from Castefranco Veneto, a walled city of art where you can visit famous works by Veronese and Giorgione. Villa Chiminelli is also close to other Venetian Villas of remarkable historical and artistic value.
  • Via Lama, 1
    Castelfranco Veneto (TV)


Villa Chiminelli is a Venetian Villa built in the second half of 1500, entirely frescoed by Benedetto Caliari, and located in the countryside of Castelfranco Veneto, in the area of the prosecco wine. Around the Villa there are agricultural activities  (vineyards and wine production), cultural activities (concerts, exhibits, and conferences) as well as private events. Attached to the villa there is a museum of craft, of tanning and of peasant art.
Via Lama, 1
31033 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Yderligere oplysninger
This lovely building, which originally belonged to the Soranzo family, was built on the site of a previous domus, in the second half of the fifteenth century. The villa was painted inside and outside by the Veronese school, and in particular, by the famous Benedetto Caliari, brother of Veronese himself. The arrangement in the mezzanine with the tripartite loggia entrance, the central hall and the four side-rooms, proposes the traditional Venetian house plant. Its small size and decorations qualify it as a residence intended for vacationing, for hunting, for music and literature, for entertainment, rather than a permanent residence. The main entrance was originally opened on the garden and the courtyard was enclosed by a frescoed wall the remains of which are visible on the eastern side. The western side was replaced in the eighteenth century by a barn for agricultural use, and by a two-story wing that included also a small chapel, attached to the Villa. At the end of the garden, beyond the old gate, a long tre-lined avenue divides the farmland now planted with vines. In the west wing one can see an exhibit of tools and equipment used in the past in the tanning industry in Bassano. Work tools and objects of everyday life of the Venetian countryside of the past are preserved on the first floor of the Rustic and Barchessa constituting a collection of rural art that perhaps has no equal in the Veneto!

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