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PADOVA FOOD & WATER, LIVE AND DISCOVER THE CITY ALONG THE PIOVEGO CANAL A journey into history along the Piovego canal, lived aboard the same traditional boats that for centuries they connected Padua to the lagoon; the placid sailing rowing with the technique of "Venetian rowing" sails along the whole of the Venetian walls and other picturesque places. Since ancient times the waterway was the favorite by man; river transportation was considered comfortable and safe than the roads often impracticable by the rains and the cold or brigandage. The "water culture" always so is part of our history and Padua, located between the Brenta River to the north and the river Bacchiglione to the south, found its commercial expansion, as a point of connection between Padua and Venice and the surrounding Vicenza. All commercial traffic river from Vicenza and the Euganean Hills through the city, under the ancient bridges along the sinuous rivers and through the lock of Contarine’s Gates, inserted in the sixteenth century walls, is lead into the Piovego Canal.
The Piovego Canal, which connects Padua to Venice, was completed in 1209.
Through Piovego nobles and patricians, along the Naviglio Inside, they reached their estates and castles along the Euganean Riviera. The Gates Contarine allowed the reunification of two streams with two different levels: that of the waterway Inside, coming from the south and crossing the city center, and the Piovego.
In 1900, taking advantage of the falling water of the Basin, the first electric lights were lit in Padua. The Oratory of the Blessed Virgin, which overlooks the lock of Contarine's gates, is dedicated to the Madonna of the boatmen who erected in 1723. On the tombstone of the west wall of the Oratory are carved rates for the transit of vessels. The text is not readable because it was completely resculpted top 800 perhaps to erase the image of the Lion of St. Mark. Further downstream, the port complex and monumental door, with its beautiful staircase century, the most important river port during the Venetian rule, the landing point of the Burchiello quoted by Goldoni, we can still see, in the part of the walls that faces Venice, the remains of Castelnuovo, the fortress was never completed that would accommodate the new Castle Padua (the old or Carrara is the current Observatory). Of it today only three bastions: the north end of the new Door Bastion (or even Venier), to the south of the Old Door Bastion, also called Buovo or Bon, and in the vicinity of the median Castelnuovo Bastion, the main one, also called Gradenigo Bastion or bastion of the fortress.

The event will take place every Thursday from 05.07.2015 until the end of September to coincide with the Expo2015 in Milan.
A reservation is required and can be made by phone at +39 049 8764952 up to 48 hours before the chosen date, and subject to availability. The fee paid at the time of the meeting includes for both tours:
- School enrollment Association Padua Venetian rowing Zonca as a supporting member;
- Contribution to the association, for the maintenance of traditional boats, according to the LR Veneto 5/1999 "Protection and enhancement of the Venetian rowing";
- Navigation with accompanying cultural;
Packed lunch (picnic) for daytime excursion.
Dinner with the Venetian for the evening excursion.
In bad weather or unsafe conditions for navigation, the trip will be postponed to the first available date.

Water tour & picnic € 29.50 P/P
HOURS 11.45 MEETING at the Pizzeria Ristorante Al Carmine in Piazza Petrarca, 8 Padova
HOURS 12.00 BOARDING to the lock of Contarine’s Gates and navigation on a boat rowed by experienced rower.
HOURS 13.00 PICNIC on the floodplain in front of Arena’s Bastion
HOURS 14.00 RETURN to dock starting
Packed Lunch including a first course, main course with vegetables, fruit and mineral water homemade by Pizzeria-Ristorante "Al Carmine"

Water tour & dinner € 39,50 P/P

HOURS 18.45 MEETING at the Pizzeria Ristorante Al Carmine in Piazza Petrarca, 8
HOURS 19.00 BOARDING and navigation along the Piovego
HOURS 20.00 RETURN to dock starting
HOURS 20.15 Dinner at Restaurant Pizzeria "Al Carmine" with traditional Venetian menù with choice of meat or fish: starter, first course, maincourse with vegetables.
Drinks not included
  • Piazza Petrarca, 8
    Padova (PD)
  • Porte Contarine
    Padova (PD)


Our Pizzeria Restaurant  cooks
* gluten-free specialities,
* specific dishes for those who are intolerant to lactose, eggs, milk
* a Vegan-friendly Menu.
Since 2007, Al Carmine has been part of  the Italian Celiac Association
Piazza Petrarca, 8
35137 - Padova (PD)
Yderligere oplysninger
Our Pizzeria Restaurant offers traditional local cuisine, carefully focusing on each food allergy there is  and on a Vegan-friendly Menu. We can cook 60 types of pizza you can enjoy with countless seasonal variations and 6 different doughs: classical, gluten-free, whole gluten-free wheat, classical Kamut, classical whole wheat, classical soy wheat.
You can choose from a wide range of homemade gluten-free products from starters to desserts, which are lactose free, milk and egg protein-free, sugar-free desserts prepared by us.
Al Carmine is  located in Padua in the fabulous setting of Piazza Petrarca - Petrarca Square - named after Francesco Petrarca, who was a famous poet and writer in the 14th Century.
Our Pizzeria can welcome its guests in its large summer garden or inside  its rooms. It is very close to the core of all the most interesting cultural sites, such as The Scrovegni Chapel with Giotto's frescoes,  the Palazzo della Ragione, the Cathedral, the Museums and the Basilica of St. Anthony, and at the same time Padua's car-parks and roads make this city an ideal place for anyone, including groups of tourists, to stop by.
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