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PALLADIO AND VICENZA DELICACIES 1 Guided tour in Vicenza at Villa Rotonda and Olimpic Theatre and guided visit with tasting at an artisanal bakery and at a winery Vicenza- is just a little more then 200 Km far from Milan, the location of Expo 2015. It is a city in which each palazzo is full of history. Small streets will lead you away in a century, and will remind you a little Venice.
The city where in the 16th century works by famous architect Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, the future Palladio. Walking through the city of Vicenza you can have a possibility to meet great creations of the famous architect, who seduced the world Andrea Palladio. This famous architect lived and worked in Vicenza in the 16th century, his unique architecture seduced the world, even the White House in Washington was built in his style. Near the center there is the most famous Palladian villa "La Rotonda" (open on Saturdays and Wednesdays). Here you can also visit Villa Valmarana of dwarfs, famous for its frescoes by Tiepolo. The tour to Vicenza is strictly connected to the universal ex position of Milan, Expo 2015, because visting Vicenza you could know its culinary art traditional delicacies visiting an artisanal bakery, where still now the ancient tradition and technologies are respected. Going up a little more, you can visit the temple, where in the 15th century was the appearance of the Virgin Mary and admire the city from a bird's flight.  
Having been in Vicenza, you can taste the local culinary traditions, according to the main theme of Expo 2015, Milan. The city has a small bakery, where they still keep technology and old traditions. Even now their products are treated as their own child. Visit the bakery, learn the secrets of the most delicious baking.
Palladian Villas belong to the 16th century and were initially designed for the development of agriculture. But over time, they became fashionable attribute of the local landscape, used as vacation homes for receptions, concerts, performances Palladio breathed new life into the construction of villas, through careful site selection and fit perfectly into the local landscape. To understand completely the history of the italian enogastronomic tradition, main object of the Expo 2015 of Milan, it is surely interesting to know the social and finally architectural context in which this tradition has developed.
On the hills of Vicenza you can taste different kind of wine produced with Tai. Visiting Vicenza hills you can taste the unique wine of ruby color with a slight aroma of raspberries and cherries. This wine is contrary to all the rules: usually it is preferable to serve red wine with meat or solid cheese. But this wine, thanks to its freshness, perfectly match with the traditional fish dish of Vicenza "Baccala alla Vicentina", which means traditional cod of Vicenza. Recently skilled winemakers started producing wonderful champagne Rose. It's worth a try, you will not regret it! Because to feed the earth it is also necessary to learn the food and the wines, according to the main object of Expo 2015.

If not differently planned the trip starts in Vivenza at 09.00 a.m. The duration is of 8 our. For any more specific detail plese contact the organizator.
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Official touristic guide: Vicenza and its territory, venetian villas (Rotonda, Ai Nani, Godi, Barbaro, Emo, Pisani), Veneto's Region walled town (Bardolino, Bassano, Castelfranco, Cittadella, Este, Feltre, Lasize, Marostica, Monselice, Peschiera, Soave, Valeggio) and historical town (Arquà, Asolo, Borghetto, Montagnana)
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