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MURANO EXHIBITS DURING EXPO2015! Murano exhibtis during Expo2015!
Collective exhibition Vetro Riflesso: over 40 masterpieces realized by some of the most skilled glass-masters of Venice and Murano
Also Murano ehxibits during universal Milan Expo and shows its best in collaboration with other high quality handicraft realities of Veneto Region!
ExhibitMurano is a network of glass factories/studios and glass-masters based in Murano and Venice inner city: glass factories, lampworkers, glass engravers, mirror makers, glass cold workers, glass decorators, over 30 local realities ready to show their best.
All participants from May until September give the chance to visitors to visit them and see their work: everyone will offer different visits and activities to discover the best of Venice-Murano glass art.
From 27th June 2015 visit collective exhibition VETRO RIFLESSO, exhibition of glass masterpieces created followig the topic WATER.
Glass of Murano is one of the most important artistic excellences of Venice and Veneto Region, a fundamental cultural and artistic resource for our country. On the occasion of EXPO2015 our glass-masters will create a piece recalling water, a deep reflection on our cultural heritage, Venice ecosystem and permeation between different elements: the challenge is representing and interpreting water, life fundamental resource, through glass, fascinating and mysterious fluid element.
ExhibitMurano shows its best with universal Milan EXPO!
A fascianting path to discover all about Murano artistic glass techniques, also the less known, through an artistic reflection based on water.
ExhibitMurano, the big Venice-Murano event for EXPO2015!

ExhibitMurano starts on 1°May 2015: all participants open their doors to visitors upon previous reservation. You can find all information about each one of them in our website every participant will have a personal page where you can find out more about and all personal contacts. Please note that often artisans do not work on Sundays: please refer to InMurano office, write to or call +39 3289039037
From 27th June 2015 VETRO RIFLESS collective exhibition: the exhibition is open every day from 10.00 until 18.00 (closed on Wednesdays), location courtyard San Pietro Martire Church in Murano, at the end of Fondamenta dei Vetrai. Exhibition will be open till the end of August.
Entrance is free. The location is not available for disabled.

Further information and news will be published in our website
  • Fondamenta dei Vetrai, Chiesa di San Pietro Martire
    Murano - Venezia (VE)


InMurano is a no-profit association founded by a group of young people based in Murano and involved in the field of glass and glass-making. We work to create a solid network between Venice and Murano glass artists/artisans, to promote events, workshops, projects, to safeguard Venice-Murano artistic glass tradition while promoting it as excellent craftmanship for the future. We organize projects and events to attract new generations to traditional local glass world.
Fondamenta Colleoni 7 - Murano
30141 - Venezia (VE)
+39 3289039037
Yderligere oplysninger
InMurano has been created by 8 young people engaged in the artistic glass field: common goals but different competences and skills. We are the youngest generation involved in the local glass field, but our generation is less and less interested in this art. Indeed it is necessary to work hard to avoid that our generation could be the last for Murano glass; we have to find a way to safeguard our centenary tradition but looking at the future, seeking for renovation without isolating ourselves but looking internationally.

Association InMurano is born to exhibit Venice-Murano artistic excellences, to promote knowledge of this artistic/artisan world, to win international acknowledgement of its value and importance, to obtain more protection by local institutions, to create a solid teaching-researching platform, point of reference for international community interested in the artistic glass field. Safeguarding historic heritage while building innovative projects to launch Murano and its art in the excellent artistic handicraft of the future.

Our goals are:
  • Promote knowledge of local glass art trough events, video projects, communication through national and international media channels focused on high quality handicraft.
  • Organize guided visits, workshops, internships for Venice students and other enthusiasts. We aim to create a teaching reality for new generations run by the best local glass-masters.
  • Safeguard Murano cultural and artistic heritage through an intensive "archival" project: digital collection of pictures, documents and videos, memories of all Murano past and present protagonists.
  • Creation of a solid network between glass-factories and glass-masters in Venice and Murano, representative of local artistic/artisan glass production.
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