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FAIRS AND FESTIVALS IN THE PROVINCE OF PADUA To plunge into an authentic and genuine environment, made of specialties that highlight seasonal fruits and the rediscovery of the ancient traditions. Events in May and June

A calendar of major fairs and festivals taking place in the territory of Padua in May and June

- Codevigo | locations Conche
from April 17 to May 3

Traditional festival. Food stands with specialties based on asparagus, exhibitions, ballroom dancing, charity prise draw, fun and entertainment for both children and adults.

- Pernumia
May 1 to 3

Traditional festival enhancing the white Pernumia asparagus.
12.30 tasting of asparagus, dishes prepared by the Catering School in nearby Noventa Padovana
19.00 food stand
May 2nd in the morning visit to the petting zoo; 16.00 visit to producers; 19.00 opening of food stand
May 3rd from morning to evening display and market of local products; 19.00 opening of food stand; entertainment during the day.

May 15 to 24

The main attraction of the event is the sweet Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo, which since 1996 has gained the European DOP mark and is guaranteed by the Consortium Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo based in Montagnana. On holidays you will be able to taste ham and other typical local products, surrounded by the beauty of the best preserved walled city in Europe as a frame for guided tours, entertainment shows, traditional markets.
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May 22 to 27

Traditional festival with food stand enhancing local products; music, dance and the traditional scarecrow competition.

5 to 15 giugno

Food stand with music (open nightly), horse riding events. Other events only on weekends

- CITADELLA | Location Santa Croce Bigolina
June 21 to 28

Culinary event dealing with the products of our land, used to prepare numerous delicacies. Specialty: frogs.
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For detailed information on each event, see the dedicated sites or send and email.
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The Province of Padua, the most densely populated in the Veneto Region, is located in a strategic position at the centre both of the main axes of communication in the Region and of an infrastructure and economic network with a strong potential. It is therefore a privileged centre of attraction, only a  30-minute drive from Venice and Vicenza, 50 minutes from Treviso and Verona, 60 minutes from the sea and Lake Garda.
35121 - PADOVA (PD)
Yderligere oplysninger
The territory of the Province of Padua with its 104 municipalities testifies to over 3,000 years of history through a dense intertwining of evidence: medieval walled towns, ramparts, villas, castles, parks, monuments, frescoed chapels, oratories, treasures preserved in the churches.
The Province of Padua has established a network of museums with the intent to make its cultural and environmental heritage more accessible to everybody. Museums are seen as alive and living spaces, places of science or history, but also as relaxing spots to spend some time with family and friends, to discover many oddities and the beauties of Padua and the Euganean Hills.
The centuries-old culinary tradition of Padua is rooted in the simple products of the courtyard and of the vineyard, in the fruits of the season, and in some areas in the wild herbs, of which the Euganean Hills are rich. You can relish the delights of agricultural production and the culinary tradition of Padua on traditional holidays or during the countless food and wine events: the Euganean Hills and Bagnoli Wine Roads, the dairies, exquisite products such as the variegated radicchio "Fior di Maserà", the cold cuts, the sweet potato of Anguillara and Stroppare, the white and green Asparagus, the pear and the apple from Castelbaldo, the ham from Montagnana, the olive oil of the Euganean Hills, and not least, the renowned hens Padovana and Polverara, the farms, the taverns, the restaurants, the hotels and the specialty shops.
Handicraft is a widespread activity in the territory, so that Padua  can be seen as a real "artisan province" whose strengths are represented by tradition, creativity and technical skill. Woodworking - also linked to the production of musical instruments - is quite widespread and sophisticated.
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