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VOGALONGA EUGANEA 9TH EDITION The historic canals are a cultural and tourist heritage of great value and more than being the "veins" of our territory-a living organism, offer high quality recreational opportunity. The event invites us to start thinking more mature about the "health" of our territory. The aims of the event are: the enhancement of the Euganean Riviera as environment rich in natural and cultural aspects, the control and the accessibility of the hydraulic works and bridges; give the opportunity to the population, especially to the young people, to become aware of this fascinating discipline, which is a sport but also a philosophy of life. The towns who are involved in this event are: Vo' Vecchio, Lozzo Atestino, Cinto Euganeo, Este, Baone, Monselice and Battaglia Terme.

The program:
- 9.00 am Greeting of the authorities to the participating teams at the contest,
- 9.30 am Departure of all the rowing boats from Vo' Vecchio - Villa Contarini Venier 
- 10.30 am The traditional greeting "alzaremi" at the bridge of Lozzo Atestino
- 12.30 pm Arrival at Este, berthing and break for lunch
- 15.00 pm Departure from Este
- 16.30 pm The traditional greeting "alzaremi" and short break in Monselice
- 17.30 pm Arrival in Battaglia Terme, toast and final buffet.
  • Villa Contarini Venier Giovanelli
    Vo' Vecchio (PD)


The event, now at its 9th edition, has as its main objective the  revival of the navigability of the waterways in the territory of the Euganean Hills Park. On Sunday 14th of June, the Venetian traditional rowing boats will navigate on the Bisato canal from Vo Vecchio to Battaglia Terme, for a total of 32 Km.
via A. Volta 4
35041 - Battaglia terme (PD)
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All the Northeastern Italy is a complex network of rivers and canals and also here near the Euganean Hills this amphibious character is well represented. We are in the lowlands between the Euganean Hills and the Venetian lagoon, crisscrossed by the major river routes, but also by minor routes that connect houses and small villages, built during the construction of the agricultural landscapes.
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