LA COCINA DE CERVANTES Duendarte’s Flamenco and a picturesque Cervantes lead us in a journey through the baroque Age, the places and  the gastronomic traditions of the Spanish literature. A story telling about food, culture, art which develops in the evocative surroundings of vineyards and Palladio’s masterwork. “La Cocina de Cervantes” is the title of the flamenco  Duendarte  show, in the Si(E)nergie Festival: it’s a journey through the baroque Age, the places and the gastronomic spanish traditions, a fusion of Flamenco, music, sing, recipes and literature. The gorgeous location of this event, planed Friday 12th of June at 20 o’clock, is Villa Sceriman in Vo’ Euganeo, a 16th –century country villa  and one of Palladio’s work, where for more than 25 years this wine producer has been implementing biological farming methods.
This show, together linked with the Expo topics, cultural nourishment, is a synthesis of the folk-spirit: people meet each other to celebrate life according to the traditions of different places. The perfect trinomial of the “party”: Art, Culture and Cuisine..
DANCE: Marta Roverato and Duendarte Association
MUSIC: Alboreo (Marco Perona and Alberto Rodriguez guitar- Paolo Mappa percussions- Erica Scherl violin)

Si(E)nergie is project realized by Arci Padova with the contribution of the Padova Chamber of Commerce and the legal aid of the Town Council of Padova. Si(E)nergie was born with the intent to promote the local products of the farms in the surroundings of Padua. Thanks to this festival, these farms become protagonists of a cultural route made by theatre, music, dance; to discover the artistic and gastronomic territorial resources by emphasizing the excellent local products.
The reservation is recommended.
Free Entrance and possibility for a wine –food tasting.
Arci Padova – tel. 049 8805533 (from Monday to Friday , h 9-17) –
  • via dei Colli 1084
    Vo' Euganeo (PD)


Duendarte is a cultural association. It was founded in 2012 by the dancer Marta Roverato, with the aim  to spread all over the country, the interest towards the Spanish culture and Flamenco in every artistic expressions. Duendarte organizes its diffusion, the knowledge, the specialization, through courses, classes, workshops, performances and events in collaboration with spanish artists. Flamenco makes part of the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity established by Unesco.
vicolo Stazione 6
35010 - Vigodarzere (PD)
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