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SAPORI PRO LOCO IN VILLA Vini Colli Berici DOC In the suggestive area of Villa Cordellina in Montecchio Maggiore, seat of the Province of Vicenza, the Consortiums of Pro Loco Serenissima Agno-Chiampo, Colli Berici and Astico Brenta offer tourists and visitors the wine and food excellence of the province of Vicenza through a sensory experience looking for discovering ancient flavors and a still alive rural culture. The guests of the event will be also able to discover the unique character of local wines thanks to experienced sommelier, and visit some of the wonders of the territory with local guides.

  • Montecchio Maggiore
    Montecchio Maggiore (VI)


Gusto Veneto brings together 45 events to be held between May and October 2015, concurrently with EXPO Milan. It is an extraordinary network of events dedicated to 35 food and wine branded European products (DOG, DOCG, IGT, PGI, PDO). These events are animated by more than 5000 volunteers of the Union of the Pro Loco of the Veneto region, which also coordinates this project.
Piazza Squillace,4
31050 - Miane (TV)
+39 0438893345
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