Arrangement > 15^ Festival of Quince Apple. Codognè between Nature and Agricolture. Tribute to Expo Milano 2015

15^ FESTIVAL OF QUINCE APPLE. CODOGNÈ BETWEEN NATURE AND AGRICOLTURE. TRIBUTE TO EXPO MILANO 2015 Feeding the Planet. New frontier for the quince apple This project organizes actions and events belonging to culture, traditions, agriculture sector and good alimentation in regards to the aims belonging to Expo Milano 2015.
In the last 15 years the Municipality of Codogné  has organized the Festival of Quince, every second Sunday of October, in order to enhance and promote the culture of quince fruit once widespread on the territory. This is the reason by which the city takes its name.

The will of this Municipality is to activate a complex project to develop the potential of the cultivation of quince, in agreement with the aims of Expo Milano 2015.
The cultivation of quince, until the 50s, has been widely used both in North Italy than in many parts of Central and South Italy (for example: Puglia and Sicily), so it can rightly say that it’s a typical Italian fruit and a cultivation.

The 15^ Festival of Quince Apple is a manifestation promoting ecology, a better relationship between men and nature, agricultural products, also the quince apple, and traditional values.
The city down town will be closed to traffic for the entire day. The pedestrian area so obtained will be location of fairs, recreational activities, entertainment on the ancient customs and traditions also refer to the quince.
This event will offer the opportunity to taste and buy the DOP-IGP-DOC products of Venetian origin. Part of the area will be devoted to local artists and their personal interpretations of the territory on canvas.


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The cultural association, called Proloco, is dedicated to promote the beauty of the territory of Codognè and its heritage. This country, in the province of Treviso, takes its name by the plant of quince apple, that covered the whole area since antiquity. The main mission is to renew the knowledge about the quince and to promote new way of agricolture, economy and alimentation based on that ancient fruit.
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Yderligere oplysninger
Codognè is a town with a population of 5.300 habitants. It’s located in a middle way between the Alps (the Dolomites) and the Adriatic See, close to the hills of the city of Conegliano and the district of rivers where the most famous are: the Livenza River and the Monticano River.
The place name of Codognè derived from apple species called “cidonya”, which becomes “cotogna” (ENGLISH: quince) after several language alteration. Historically, this area was covered by a lot of spontaneous cidonya trees. From the Middle Age it was an agricultural area, crossed by an important commercial road called “the salt road”, which connected the commercial of salt and cereals from the Adriatic See to the North of Europe, especially under the Venice dominion (from the XIVth century to the XVIIIth century).
During the XVIIth century, the Venetian dynasty of Toderini constructed in Codognè one of the most beautiful villa of this part of Italy, characterized by Palladian style. It became an important economical resource (based on agriculture) and a cultural hub. The Italian poet, Ugo Foscolo, journeyed here, honoring the owners with a pleasure poem dedicated to them.
Today, Codognè is grown as a town with several modern facilities and the mission to qualified and promote its Past and Tradition.
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