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Relais Ca' Sabbioni - Antico Ristoro

Via Padana 338 - Ca' Sabbioni - Venezia (VE)

Tel: +39041922566 Hjemmeside:
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"Antico Ristoro" is the perfect scenario for informal dinners, working lunch or dinner, to celebrate your special moments such as birthdays, graduation parties or just a romantic dinner with your partner.
“Antico Ristoro” is also happy to provide all catering services in support of meetings hosted at our structure and offers for your business meals a dedicated menu from € 8.00.
The presence of a showcase as a winery with a wide selection of labels and the "Chef's Table" embellish even more the restaurant and are used for cooking classes, tastings and themed evenings where you can directly assist in the preparation of his plate.
On the weekends of the summer, we organize aperitifs in our private garden also with live music.
Following us on our website and on Facebook, you will be updated on all our events including theme nights, cooking classes and wine tasting.
You can find our menu in our website .

  • Prisklasse: 30€ - 40€
  • Egenskaber: Accepter bestilling
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