A route designed for those who love cycling in nature
180 km cycable route with stops between Padua, Treviso and Venice in cozy Bed and Breakfasts that, respecting the autonomy of the cyclist, are in charge of the logistical support, providing all the required information with regards to the cultural, recreational and enogastronomical stops in a diversified Veneto area that is to be discovered, loved and tasted
Water as environment
Water as energy
Water as life
Water as nourishment for the body and soul
From the international EXPO of Milan to the Aquae of Venice through unmatched nature trails
Economy, biotechnology, health, happiness dell'Esse®ci with the strength of our muscles
in the rediscovery of nature, art and history that reaches its climax in the unique Venetian
Island that once didn’t exist
but that exists today thanks to the intellectual passion of the Homo sapiens
And so in our Bed and Breakfast the Homo viator finds rest - refreshment - creativity
useful information to resume the journey refreshed by the typical dishes
the waters, the wines and the beers!
that you can discover at nearby partnered restaurants
or that you can buy directly from local producers
Veneto and Venice await you numerously
in touring, racing or mountain bikes
on the different routes that will surprise you
immersed in incomparable natural environments
where the beauty of the locations
is matched by the economic and artistical industriousness of their inhabitants
With our help you will be able to create according to your own tastes
your own personal adventure
from a very simple tourist trip
to the most daring experience of the wild aqueous tour "Dese - Zero - Lagoon"!

Casa del Miele, El Criveo, Le Risaie
Our B&B’s are available to cyclists who want to take advantage of the EXPO 2015 Milan - Venice
to ride in complete liberty on the various specifically designed routes
From Padua - Treviso - Venice
overnight stay and breakfast
suggestions for various cycle and touristic routes  
cycable in complete liberty
with affordable refreshments stops at partnered restaurants typically from the area
opportunity to stop at locations  with a historical, artistic and cultural connotation
visits to artisanal and food companies where there is also the opportunity to purchases local goods and products
involvement in the countless events that EXPO Italy offers throughout the period of its development in the summer of 2015
Bike rental service
  • via Paliaghetta 2/a
    venezia (VE)
  • via Tolleo 32
    Piazzola sul Brenta (PD)
  • via Ramo San Ambrogio 57
    Trebaseleghe (PD)


B&B Casa del Miele (Venice)
in collaboration with B&B El Criveo (Padua) e B&B Le Risaie (Padua/Treviso)
organizers of the Events
Staying in Venetian Bed and Breakfast, cycling by bike along the rivers that make up the Venice Lagoon
Staying in Veneto's Bed and Breakfasts, tasting the cuisine of the local restaurants
Whilst sojourning in Veneto’s Bed and Breakfasts, sipping local homebrewed beers

via Paliaghetta 2/a
30173 - venezia (VE)
Weitere Informationen
Bed and Breakfast Casa del Miele (Venice)
in collaboration B & B El Criveo (Padova) and B & B Le Risaie (Padova / Treviso)
- The B & B Casa del Miele is located on the Mainland of the City of Venice, along the Laguna – in the town of  Ca'Noghera, 20 minutes from the historical centre
In partnership with
Ristaurant Le Vie where one can taste the ancient Altino, Roman archaeological area which in the fifth century as a result of the barbarian invasions, departed the precursors of the Serenissima Venice
Birrificio Artigianale Veneziano – BAV unique homebrewer in the Province of Venice, award-winning also in the international field
- The B & B El Criveo located in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD), a pleasant town on the banks of the River Brenta, famous for the magnificent Palladian villa "Contarini"
In partnership with
the nearby Osteria Al Majo, right in front of the villa "Contarini"
Birra Camerini a small brewery along the old private railway Camerini, known for its distinctive various local types of beers
- The B & B Le Risaie located in Trebaseleghe (PD) between Padova and Treviso, in the middle of the nature trails that branch off from the rivers Sile, Zero and Dese, along the nature trail path Treviso - Ostiglia
In partnership with
nearby Restaurant Scottadito, renowned for the traditional rural cuisine
Birra Morgana that uses a brewing process that is similar to the "classic champenoise" method used to produce the sparkling wines, and that usesthe local spring water
You will stay on spacious rooms with every comfort: bathroom, air conditioning, internet connection, safe. Buffet breakfast. Complimentary valet parking.
Special typical menus in the partnered restaurants
Enrico (B & B Casa del Miele) cell. 338 8300560 and email internet 30173 Ca 'Noghera VE via Paliaghetta 2 / a
Marisa (Le Vie) cell. 329 4645230 and email internet 30020 Altino VE via sant'Eliodoro 39 – closed on Tuesdays
Rudy, Dario and Marco (Birrificio artigianale Veneziano - BAV) tel. 041 5030168 cell. 339 7037645 and email internet 30030 Maerne di Martellago VE via Gavino 24
Graziella and Paul (B & B El Criveo) cell. 328 2213005 and email internet 35016 Piazzola sul Brenta PD via Tolleo 32
Alessandro and Giorgia (Osteria Al Majo) tel. 049 5590599 cell. 346 3672393 and email internet
35016 Piazzola sul Brenta PD via Luigi Camerini 6 - Mondays closed
Franco, Giampaolo and Mauro (Birra Camerini) cell. 349 5870503 and email internet 35016 Piazzola sul Brenta PD via Maestri del Lavoro 2
Antonio (B & B Le Risaie) cell. 329 7324584 and email internet 35010 Trebaseleghe PD via Branch St. Ambrose 57
Davide, Diego and Federica (Restaurant Scottadito) tel. 049 9378540 cell. 349 0513185 and email internet
35010 Trebaseleghe PD via Sant'Ambrogio 82 - Thursday closed
Andrea and Francesco (Beer Morgana) cell. 335 6179403 and 335 5943519 email and beer internet 31050 Morgano TV Giovanni Giolitti 5 - Thursdays closed
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