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ENERGY-SAVING HOUSE WITH "RIVA IMPIANTI SYSTEM" With this event, we would like to inform the end user about great potential of renewable energy and how, these new available technologies, can help us to get a more and more "green" house.
The idea is to present to accredited guests the concept of smart home systems by Riva Impianti. With the combination of photovoltaic system, storage system with batteries to store the energy produced and no instantly self-consumed from the house, home automation and heat pumps able to produce hot water and domestic heating, we are able to explain the enormous potential in the field of renewable energy in the world. In a world where resources of  raw materials are short, the economic crisis bites and carbon dioxide emissions are growing up, we think logical and intelligent to work at aspects that can solve these problems.
The system Riva Impianti provides facilities 5 essential benefit:

- Savings on electricity and gas bills,
- Ability to take advantage of tax deductions,
- to increase to value of the property,
- Reduced carbon dioxide emissions,
- the possibility to rely on a single source.

Hours: 15:00-18:00
Way of participation: web-site booking
Link: - -
Contact Person: Luca Sterle 348-3384115

  • via Albera 13 36034 Malo (VI)
    Malo (VI)


Riva Impianti project and realizes electrical, photovoltaic, hydrothermal and solar systems, heat pumps in all the industrial sectors tertiary, public and civil such in Vicenza than anywhere in Italy. Our company has certifications for every type of system: electrical, photovoltaic, hydrothermal and solar: SOA certificate (OS 30 cat. III - OG 11 cat. III), ISO 9001 certificate.
We make use of an in-house project department which you can ask free estimates or informations.
Via Lago di caldonazo
36015 - Schio (VI)
Weitere Informationen
Riva Impianti was born in 1994 as development of Riva Pietro Electrical System Company: 40 years of experience.
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