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JULY 2015: THE MONTH OF THE THRESHING FAIR AND THE ALTAURA’S FEAST In mid-summer come and spend a Sunday with us! We will learn the old-method of manual threshing, how to produce home-made bread, have a stroll in the surrounding countryside Let your daily routine outside! Come and have fun with us!
Every Sunday of the entire period of Expo 2015 we propose activities, teach home-made recipes, reveal secrets about the agricultural techniques and discover the products that Mother Nature gives us.
For the month of July we have many ideas, which goal is to create a diversion from the routine, getting in touch with nature and its products.
Sunday, 05th July
Hand-threshing of wheat. The threshing is the conclusive process of the harvest. It consists in the separation of the grain of wheat and other cereals, from straw and from chaff. For wheat, such activity is carried out in the period between June and July, and often it is celebrate by feasts, belonging to traditional agricultural culture.
Sunday, 12th July
Day of the multiethnic bread.
We learn together how to prepare different types of bread: we cook and taste bread and we try to understand how bread combined in centuries and still combines all the Mediterranean cultures and populations.
In Villa Correr, moreover, there will be the Threshing Fair, with its typical plowing challenge – but it is still to be confirmed.
Sunday, 19th July
Let’s search and pick up the most bizarre leaves: the filloteca (a collection of leaves).
The goal of this discipline is to observe how the shapes of leaves vary in the same plants or in different plants of the same species or in different species.
After this activity we will rest in the “green room” of the forest, to relax and get in touch with nature.
In Villa Correr, moreover, there will be the Altaura’s feast.
Sunday, 26th July
Let’s stroll among memories!
Stroll of about 6 km among land, suggestive river banks and old farm buildings, to observe the surrounding countryside, to be fascinated by the amazing landscapes, and to have a look to the farms built by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

Participation at our activities is chargeable (for info about prices, have a look at our website:
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The farms of Altaura and Monte Ceva have (within their properties) initiated the re-naturalization of the plains forest and the Eugenean Hills landscape. Our intentions are to reach a balance between the demands of customers and those of nature. It was in this spirit that in 1998 the whole of both farms were converted over to organic cultivation methods.
In the year 2000 the farms were opened to the public as ‘Didactic Farm Schools’:
via Roma 30
35122 - Padova (PD)
+39 3440269412
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Recent studies reveal, what we have also verified on our farms, which is that these methods induce biodiversity-including a greater number of wild plants and animals into all levels of the food chain. On both farms, the restoration of buildings has followed the techniques of bio-ecological architecture. A biomass furnace has been installed to provide heat. Pruning of the surrounding hedges and forest provides the by-products needed to feed this furnace.
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