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THE 29TH FESTIVAL OF ARTISTIC AND TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMENSHIP A chance to see, in ancient medieval buildings, high quality handmade products
Feltre will host the 29th edition of the Festival of Artistic and Traditional Craftsmenship from 25th to 28th Juny. The exhibition was founded in 1986 for giving space and visibility to quality craftmenship in a unique environment in the world such as the old town of Feltre. During the Festival the hallways of the buildings, the streets and the old houses become the ideal setting for the display of craft products, which attract a lot of people. The artistic and architectural context will be the background against which the craftsmen, from all over Italy, will demonstrate their skills with live processing of cardboard, wood, glass and ceramics that create high quality products. The blacksmiths will be the stars thanks to the competition of forging and the award dedicated to the Maestro Carlo Rizzarda. This year, the blacksmiths have to create artifacts on the theme of the First World War. During the four days there will be also many shows in the medieval town of Feltre.
On the occasion of the event there is also the chance to visit some important and historic places of Feltre like: the theater of the Sena, rebuilt after 1510 and called the Little Fenice because both the designer and the decorator were the same that built the Fenice in Venice; the Carlo Rizzarda Gallery of Modern Art, a museum on the wrought iron with over 400 artifacts and many works of modern artists such as Casorati, Schiele, Wildt, Picasso and Chagall; the Civic Museum, that contains paintings and artifacts of folk and religious art.
For four days the city is filled with sounds and colors that bring us back to a glorious past in which Feltre, a town devoted to crafts, excelled in working with fabric, wood, iron and stone. In this territory, in fact , since the beginning of ' 400 are created swords for the Republic of Venice and for European armies. The stone is also wisely used in tombstones and in Renaissance crests visible throughout the citadel.
One love, that one for the  craftsmenship , the city has always cultivated and that has its natural celebration in an exhibition recognized not only regionally but also nationally thanks to the collaborations with master craftsmen from all over Italy.

The Festival will begin Thursday, June 25th from 18.00 until 23.00. The other days will be open from 10.00 to 24.00. For more information please visit the website
  • Piazza Maggiore
    Feltre (BL)


The organising committee of the Festival of Artistic and Tradional Craftsmenship consists of several associations working every year for the construction of this event.
Via Mezzaterra, 39
32032 - Feltre (BL)
+39342001 1447
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