Veranstaltung > 26th Edition of the “American Sweet Potato Festival” in Anguillara Veneta and Stroppare (Padua)

26TH EDITION OF THE “AMERICAN SWEET POTATO FESTIVAL” IN ANGUILLARA VENETA AND STROPPARE (PADUA) Food, music, dance, events, exhibition-market and much more..COME AND PARTY WITH US! During the second and the third weekend of September 2015, in Anguillara Veneta (Padova), there will be the 26th Edition of the “American Sweet Potato Festival”.
The Sweet Potato of Anguillara and Stroppare, called also “american potato” - because of its origins, is cultivated in the typical area that surrounds Padova and it is known as one of the best potato, in fact it is a DOP (protected origin denomination) and we have planted some tubers in the pavillon of Expo 2015.
During the festival you can see, taste and buy this special type of potato, at our exhibition-market; here you will find ONLY local products, typical of the area, and other products of non-professional exhibitors.
Moreover every night you will be entertained by music, theater, dances in the new big glass-made dancing floor and, on Sunday, a dog-show, to admire the most beautiful species of dogs.
You can taste typical dishes all made by sweet potato at our stands, where you will finds a variety of specialties, from the starters to the dessert, and obviously, the typical home-made schissotto (a kind of bread).
Our stands are opened every evening for dinner, and, on Sunday, also for lunch.

The Festival will take place in a new location:
Zona Artigianale di Anguillara Veneta
Via Primo Maggio 6
(strada provinciale Rovigo – Anguillara Veneta – Bagnoli di Sopra – Padova).

Opening Hours:
Friday to Sunday from 19:00 to 24:00
ONLY on Sundays also from 12:00 to 14:00
For more info, please visit the website:
  • Via Primo Maggio, 6
    Anguillara Veneta (PD)


Deals with the promotion of the sweet potato (or sweet potato) PDO Anguillara Veneta and Stroppare, bringing it to be exhibited in the cluster 'tubers' Expo Milano 2015.
Via Primo Maggio, 6
35022 - Anguillara Veneta (PD)
+39 0495387269
Weitere Informationen
The sweet or American potato, native to the New World, was discovered in the sixteenth century by the navigator Christopher Columbus and presented to Queen Isabella of Castile, the spread on the continent as convolvulo Indian potato or Spanish. In Italy it seems that its introduction is due to Frederick II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, who in 1630 wanted to cultivate in the Boboli Gardens in Florence that. However, for a long time, it remained a curiosity confined in botanical gardens, until the first decades of the nineteenth century was proposed and recommended by many for using food, feed, as evidenced by the pioneering initiatives implemented in different areas of our country.
In the lower Veneto it is introduced to the doctor and botanist Joseph Padua Antonio Bonato that, around 1812, in the provinces of Padua, Venice and Rovigo He found favorable conditions for cultivation. But, you archive documents dellaSocietà Encouragement of Agriculture of Padua, it learns how to don Isidoro Piovan, pastor of Anguillara Veneta, already in 1853 to cultivate sweet potatoes an area of ​​3,430 square meters, less than a field , located near the left bank of the Adige, obtaining 5,500 pounds of product and a profit of 333.75 pounds.
Other authoritative biographical sources attest that the sweet potato was introduced to the large crop in 1880, on the initiative of Count Dona dalle Rose that, behind the Adige, in the resort town of Trona Rovigo San Martino di Vanezze, owned a large estate. Hence the prompt dissemination in other areas of Polesine and Padua on the bank of the Adige, as he continued to be little known elsewhere.
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