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PALLADIO IN THE HILLS BETWEEN ASOLO PROSECCO AND PROSECCO SUPERIORE The soft landscapes of the Asolo hills will be the backdrop of this itinerary. We’ll start from Asolo to then go to Villa Barbaro in Maser.
The end of our journey will take us up the hills of Valdobbiadene to toast with Prosecco Superiore
The starting point for this tour is ASOLO.
The visit to Asolo is not the main objective of this tour, but the vicinity and the beauty of this town are worthy of our attention.
We will meet in the heart of the town, in Piazza GARIBALDI with its sixteenth-century fountain guarded by the winged lion of Saint Mark. From here we will visit the main monuments in the old town centre.
Asolo belongs to the “Club of Italy’s most beautiful towns”.
It must be remembered that Carducci called it the “city of a thousand horizons”, for Robert Browning, who wrote “Asolando”, it is a way of living, Eleonora Duse had very important links with this town and asked to be buried here. This poetic place with its graceful surroundings was also inspiration for works by Giorgione and the musician Malpiero, drawn by its beauty, lived here until his death.
After a tasting session in the vineyards, we will visit a winery with its own agriturismo farmhouse to taste locally produced wine and start to understand the difference between DOCG Asolo and DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, which we will be visiting in the afternoon.
Our visit to Maser and Villa Barbaro, designed during the Italian Renaissance by the great architect Andrea Palladio, will helps us to discover the farming vocation of this building and we will talk about the villa-farm as an extraordinary example of innovation during this period.
The day will draw to a close with a tasting session in a winery in the Valdobbiadene.

The tour starts at 10.00 am in Asolo, a Renaissance town whose real origins however date back even further.
After a walk through the town and a chance to listen to the wonderful story of Caterina Cornaro, we will start to look at the local wine and landscape.
The tour includes:
vineyard tasting session
lunch with tasting session
winery tasting session with 3 wines
A visit to Villa Barbaro in Maser
The tour ends at approximately 6.30 pm.
For those wanting to book accommodation locally, either before or after the tour, there are 4-star hotels and B&Bs in the hills.
Those arriving from Venice can use the transfer service we provide.
The tour can be organised using a minibus for a maximum of 8 people or in larger buses for a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 18 people.
The tour is not recommended for families with small children or for those with serious disabilities.
We suggest casual clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • piazza Garibaldi
    Asolo (TV)


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