BODY REVIVAL : BODY RENEWAL BODY REVIVAL EMOTION DAY SPA offers all through EXPO 2015 an innovative and exclusive body and face treatment by means of a device of last generation called ESTELIPO : BODY SCULPTURING lipolaser and VEGETABLE STEM CELLS face treatment : STEM CELLS PHYTO-ELITE. BODY REVIVAL EMOTION DAY SPA : As Nature blossoms in springtime and summer, so does our body, preparing itself to regenerate. LIPOLASER or LASER LIPOLYSIS is a valuable alternative to surgical liposuction. It's the latest body sculpturing technology, which gives immediate results and is revolutionizing the elimination of excessive fat without surgery.
"COLD" laser (LOW LEVER LASER THERAPHY) pierces through skin and reaches the adipose cells with consequent cells collapse and expulsion of fat from cells membrane. The fat cell is not damaged or eliminated but simply emptied. The expelled fat is carried out by lymphatic system and naturally eliminated. Further, laser heat leads to production of elastic fibres and connective tissue, thus making skin to become immediately smoother and elastic.
This method is especially suggested in case of fatty hips, fatty abdomen, fatty or untonic thighs fatty glutaei, elephant-knees, big ankles, fatty arms, fat-rolls on back, "love handles" and in case of localized fat, refractory to any diet or physical exercize.
STEM CELLS PHYTO-ELITE face treatment is the solution to get a REGENERATED, SMOOTH, TONIC and BRIGHT skin (better tonicity, less deep wrinkles therefore younger, healthy and fresh look). PEVONIA BOTANICA main components are : argania spinosa cells extract (working indirectly on derma) and Symphytum Consolida Major cells extract affecting the skin structure). These two plants are known for their peculiarity in tissue repairing, granting cells turnover, and for being rich of collagene, elastyn and retynol so to assure visible results since first application. Stem Cells from selected VEGETABLE origin, produced by a new BIO-TECHNOLOGY. There are specific and rare plants contaning particular actives, yet they could not be used in the beauty culture. Now this new bio-technological procedure allows the employment of these actives in the beauty culture with surprising results : an ANTI-AGING treatment beyond comparison!
EMOTION DAY SPA employs PEVONIA BOTANICA natural products respecting skin and respecting our PLANET. A small portion of plant is necessary to the production large quantity of high quality actives.
PEVONIA BOTANICA is an American company, leader in the organic products free from petrolatum, parabenum, alchool, laurilsulphates etc...member of ORGANIC TRADE ASSOCIATION, donor of 10.000 trees to ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION, carries out in place the waste re-cycling, thus optimizing re-cycling procedures, supplies re-usable and bio-degradable packaging.
EMOTION DAY SPA offers natural treatments for the regeneration of both body and mind in a warm and pleasant place, where to find oneself, to discover oneself, to well-feeling and like oneself more.

BODY REVIVAL EMOTION DAY SPA offers all through EXPO 2015 :
1 Body treatment by ESTHELIPO at € 80,00 (instead of € 130,00)
1 Face treatment by VEGETABLE STEM-CELLS at € 80,00 (instead of € 130,00)

to book please contact: 0424-839070, Mon-Fri 09.30 - 19.00 Thrus 09.30-20.00 Sat 09.30-12.30

Length of treatment : 1 hour ea.
Mode of treatment : body plates are applied on part to be treated and left for 20-30 minutes (during this period one can read, listen to music or simply relax) then a 20 minutes of lynphatic massage is made to eliminate fat. Treatment is pain-free and quick. Results are immediately visible.
Face: deep cleaning of face and decolletée. Application of enzymatic peeling, vehiculation of STEM CELLS solution, 10 minutes massage, application of intensive mask and application of intensive skin cream. 
Treatment has no contra-indication and can be applied to pregnant women as well. Results are immediately visible since first application.
EXCLUSIVELY for EXPO 2015 EMOTION DAY SPA gives the opportunity to sign a  VIP CARD, free of charge and re-chargeable, offering following features: 20% discount on any EMOTION main treatment, PEDISPA MASSAGE free after any other treatment (feet hydromassage by espholiant salts, final feet massage, FACE and BODY complete check up by SKIN PLUS device, measuring main skin parameters such as : hydration, fat, elasticity, melanine, ph and temperature.
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EMOTION DAY SPA, result of research for natural wellbeing, is based on staff efficiency and high quality services.  Services, even customized, are focused on person:  estimating  of needs, fighting of inaestheticisms and improving beauty by means of avant-garde technologies. SPA care of hands and feet, nails reconstruction, body and face treatments, massages, bronzing shower and bed, permanent epilation.
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Emotion, a word evoking sensations, the pleasure of living moments of wellbeing,  self-caring, self-discovering.
EMOTION DAY SPA offers all this in Bassano: a wellness daily SPA. Everybody can decide how and when having relax and  finding harmony  by choosing among customized treatments,  wellness and other services. EMOTION DAY SPA follows principles of a natural approach to beauty and wellness by employing  natural products from Pevonia Botanica, leader in natural cosmetic products, together with the best innovative technologies and avant-garde devices such:  Aqua Wood -  a turkish bath tub  especially fitted for body treatments;  Pedi Spa; Spa Chair;  Spa hand and feet care by  high performing hydromassage; Skinplus allowing pursued check-up of skin defects ; Deeptech fighting skin inaestheticisms by means of dielectro-phoresys; Oxylight , device to stimulate skin oxygenation and production of collagene and elastyn by means of photobiomodulation . Permanent epilation is made by means of Diode-Laser , a sure and avant-garde technic.

EMOTION DAY SPA: a place of wellbeing, self-discovering and self-liking !
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