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NORDICWALKINVENICE5  A Nordic walk across bridges,  “calli” (roads) and “campielli” (small squares) in the historical centre of Venice
In 2015 the event is at its 5th edition!
For the fifth time Venice, the splendid Italian City of Art, will be connected with the nordic walking sport. Nordic Walking Instructors will lead participants inside the heart of this magical and exclusive town, famous all over the world for its unique masterpieces.
It is possible to choose the course: either 10K or 17K.
The 10-K. course also gives the entrants the possibility of having an accompanying guide who, thanks to a special radio system, while walking will be able to show, describe and explain the historical buildings and locations of the town they are walking through.
The Walkers will cross a historical site usually closed to tourists: the Arsenal of Venice. Inside, they will be allowed to visit the Tower of Alberatura: it is possible to reach its terrace by climbing 154 steps and six ramps. From the top you can enjoy an exceptional view of the breathtaking landscape of the city of Venice and of the islands that surround it.
The march will end at Giardini di Sant'Elena; here a tasteful Pasta Party will be offered  in the very special scenery of the lagoon!
Sport, art and culture: all in one!

Saturday, September 19th:
From 10 a.m.: “Nordic Walking Open Day” at San Giuliano Park in Mestre; in order to promote the nordic walking activity, instructors will give Nordic Walking lessons to the public for free. Other activities such as muscular warm-up, stretching, postural training and other forms of exercises will be offered.
Guided walks in the context of cultural and natural beauty of the Lagoon will also be made.
Acceptance of the last entries and delivery of the walk number and materials until 06.00 p.m.
Sunday, September 20th:
From 08.00 a.m.to 08.45 a.m.: meeting in Venice, in front of the Railway Station to pick up the walk number and materials. 
Staggered Start at 09.00 a.m.: Walkers will be assigned to different starting groups (priority according to the chosen course).
Finish line at Giardini di Sant'Elena (maximum walking time: 4 hrs); from 12.30 PASTA PARTY .
Free water-buses will  take the walkers back to the start.
  • Piazzale Stazione ferroviaria
    Venezia (VE)


Nordic walking Mestre is a sport association  in Mestre, the mainland of Venice. NWMestre offers Nordic Walking sessions, to help people learn the correct Nordic walking technique and take their first Nordic Walking steps with walking poles.
Company Contacts
viale San Marco 45/p
30173 - Mestre Venezia (VE)
+39 041 978 274 www.nordicwalkingmestre.it
Further information
Nordic walking is a complete overall exercise with many health benefits. It tones almost the whole body and does not  impact too much on one’s back, knees and ankles; it improves one’s posture.
Nordic walking can be adapted to suit everyone's individual fitness levels and can be practised at all ages and at low costs; if walking in groups, it is a sociable way to keep fit; it improves one’s physical and mental condition for a general improvement of one’s quality of life.

Once one has got the hang of the technique, one can join a Nordic walking class and enjoy walking with a friendly group: qualified nordic walking instructors lead daily walks, which include outdoors workout. Group excursions along naturalistic footpaths are also organized, enabling the group to enjoy and appreciate the environment they are exploring. Our groups also take part in many local, national or international marches, challenges and events.

ASD Nordic Walking Mestre organizes the non- competitive march called “nordicwalkinvenice”, which takes place in Venice every year during the 3rd week-end of September.
This march in 2014 counted approx 1800 participants and  is part of the ambitious programme “ Nordic Walking in the Italian Cities of Art”, which for the time being includes the events “nordicwalkinsiena” and “nordicwalkinrome”.
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