VENICE: EVERYTHING STARTS WITH SALT A tour aimed at discovering the origins of the city of Venice which occured through crisis and its subsequent link to salt. This tour presents Venice in all its uniqueness and is both educational and moral, taking you through salt sifters, boat yards, fisherman's market, craftsman workshops while also showing you its sacred places: baptismal fonts, baptistery, stoups and Island convents.

It will also present Venice's unique use of resources, optimization of time, elimination of waste as well as basic cuisine with its conservation of food and spices All these are the elements from which to start understanding the value of Venice and use them as examples as well as incentives especially during periods of crisis.

The tour is available continuously to expo 2015 visitors. It consists of a predetermined calendar where people can sign up. The tour is available for schools, individuals, groups, people of different interests and different countries. At present, we are able to provide tours in 20 languages.

Each tour won't follow exactly the same itinerary, but will expose the character of Venice and its link to water and connection to salt, specifically the life style, social relations, local cuisine and its capacity to rebuild itself. Venice is a city that reached high political, social economic and cultural equilibrium, taking advantage of its position and its potential.

The tour will be further enriched thanks to the discovery of places linked to interesting and mysterious personalities and events. Stops at the Squeri (Gondola repair shops), venetian mask workshops and glass work studios are not to be missed.

After a nutritional introduction highlighting the equilibrium between typical dishes of Venice and their caloric level, a tasting willl follow and will consider the culinary tradition and the organic products of the region.

Brochures summarizing the original resouces of the lagoon, the origins of its basic cuisine rich in essential nutrients, and prepared without waste, representing different influences and traditions of Venice will be available in various languages.
Particular attention will be given to the role of “The Serenissima” which created an harmony of development and modernity, respect for the enviroment, and seasons.

Tours are organised every Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. departing from Venice St. Lucia railway station and finishing in San Marco Square. The tour is by foot.
Reservations are required and need to be sent to: eventi@guideveneto.it , which will reply with a confirmation and payment request.

The same tour is also available on different days and times upon advanced request and confirmation.
  • Stazione Santa Lucia
    Venezia (VE)


"Centro Guide e Servizi Turistici del Veneto" coordinates one hundred authorized guides working in all Veneto territory.
It offers guided tours in different langauges: English, French, Spanish, Portughese, Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Serbian/Croatian, Hungarian.

It suggests a wide range of scheduled and arranged itineraries; moreover it supplies personalised guided tours on demand.
Company Contacts
V.lo del Cristo
31100 - Treviso (TV)
+39042256470 www.guideveneto.it
Further information
"Centro Guide e Servizi Turistici" has 25 years of experience and it was born to set up a network of a great number of guides, tour guides and freelance interpreters, naturalistic guides to fulfil thoroughly and promptly to guests' requests. In the same time, It creates events and projects to attract more visitors in the territory.
For this aim, the organisation has selected the operators, it has realised continuing educational courses and refresher courses, it has identified the local excellence (also the least known), it has promoted Veneto heritage using instruments of mass communication, it has drawn up publications and thematic maps, it has realized instruments as audio guides and videos.
In particular:

- tours into the principal country seats of the region: Venice, Treviso, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Belluno, Rovigo;
- thematic tours in Veneto: cities of art, venetian villas and Palladio, castles and ...., venetian popes, sanctuaries and religious itineraries, museums and great artists (Giorgione, Antonio Canova, Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiepolo, Cima da Conegliano,...), mistery tours, 1st World War tours, sport itineraries: trekking, bike and boat, local handcraft routes, routes and treasure hunt for students, itinerary for disabled people..
- participation to television broadcasts for presentation of veneto territory and the local excellences.
- realisation of videos of suggested routes.
- editing of publications reguarding extraordinary itineraries in different languages.
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