ORIGINAL, SAFE, AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY SNACKS…START HERE We offer the possibility for taking a close look to the backstage of several snacks products that consumers cross in the food shops world-wide. A supply chain extremely environmental friendly, which exalt biodiversity while keeping superior food safety standards.
Our company propose a visit to the world’s major single factory for production of ‘snack pellet’. A semi-finished product for the snack food industry manufactured in Italy and intended to be popped, flavored, packaged, and commercially distributed by our customers in their home country.
We offer the possibility to see how behind several snacks that consumers cross in the food shops world-wide there is a supply chain:
- extremely environmental friendly, and
- granting superior food safety standards.
For instance, compared to natural potato crisps, the most known and largely distributed snack world-wide (not distinctive among different suppliers, needing fresh potatoes which are not cultivable anywhere and sensitive to storage conditions after harvesting), the ‘snack pellet’ offers all snack producers outstanding advantages in terms of minor environmental impact, large possibility to play with different ingredients and exclusive shapes, no issues with availability of the product around the year, consistent quality standards, and high flexibility of their production system.    
In fact, for natural potato crisps, the required process for cleaning and washing of fresh potatoes coming from the field leads to a huge amount of waste, waters and scraps. Systems for treatment of waste are normally justified by large production quantities. Thus, usually, around the world wastes are not properly treated and contribute to environmental pollution.       
For pellet snacks, instead, there is an environmental friendly production chain: transformation process of fresh potatoes is performed by highly specialized companies that, thanks to the huge quantities processed, are able to minimize waste waters. They supply us dehydrated potato flours and potato starches of the highest quality. Processing these ingredients by extrusion cooking and a following drying step, we get the so called ‘snack pellet’; and this process does not create waste waters nor non- recyclable wastes. The ‘snack pellet’ is then exported by Mafin to more than 55 countries world-wide, where local snack producers finish the process by popping the ‘snack pellet’ through a production process which is quite easy and virtually with no wastes; even in case of small production batches. Then, they distribute the end product to consumers.
The ‘snack pellet’ itself represents up to more than 90% of the weight of the finished snack product which is purchased by consumers (average 75%) against the 65% of the natural potato crisps; so the superior food safety standards granted by our semi-finished product contributes heavily in the overall quality of the end product. Our company is world-wide well know and appreciated for the total focus on Quality at all levels. From selection of key suppliers for ingredients, through the management of the production process, to the quality control on the finished product.
Our technology for ‘snack pellet’ manufacturing is quite complex and requires a high know-how for managing the process, but on the other hand it is extremely flexible; it allows to process cereals, vegetables, and pulses belonging to ancient traditions of world-wide cultures, which helps to support them and raise awareness in other markets. For instance, in the last years several new products have been developed based on quinoa, chia, kale, legumes, buckwheat, spelt, and a multitude of other ingredients.
During the tour of the factory and R&D center, there will be the possibility to take a close look to how product and process innovation are key factors for granting continuous improvement and consistent turnover of the product portfolio. For a first look: http://www.mafin.it/eng/Assortment.asp

The company welcomes pre-registered visitors from 09.00 to 16.00.

We request 1 week ahead notice prior to the visit. Please, contact Mr. Andrea Campagnolo - ACampagnolo@mafin.it - or Mr. Luca Tombolato - LTombolato@mafin.it - to agree visit details (mentioning if and how visitors are active in the field of snacks, pellet snacks, or manufacturing technology for such products).

We grant transfer for whom arrives by train at ‘Castelfranco Veneto’ or ‘Cittadella’ train stations.
Plus, a small giveaway to all visitors.
  • Strada degli alberi 7
    Galliera Veneta (PD)


Mafin spa is an Italian company, leader in the ‘snack pellet’ production. The ‘snack pellet’ is a semi- finished product for the food industry aimed to be popped, flavored, packaged, and commercially distributed by our customers under their own brand or third party’s one. Outstanding investments in R&D, superior Quality standards, and exclusive Know-how, are the key factors for being market leaders and reliable partners for all major snack producers worldwide.
Company Contacts
strada degli alberi 7
35015 - Galliera Veneta (PD)
+390499981900 www.mafin.it;www.pelletsnacks.info
Further information
Mafin spa has been active on this market for more than 25 years. Actually, its background date back to the 40s. In its previous “life” there is a strong experience in design and development of industrial machinery for pasta, breakfast cereals, and ‘snack pellet’ production. Such a background makes us unique in the panorama of ‘snack pellet’ manufacturers, as we have an internal engineering division that designs, develops, and updates all our production lines without going back to suppliers of technology. As well, this allows us to come up with innovative solutions and propose original and exclusive products to customers, frequently covered by patent.      
Snacks are so called “impulse products” (retail items known for their unplanned purchases), where innovation has huge weight. Given the fact that our ‘snack pellet’ are giving shape, texture, and also basis for the taste to the finished snack, innovation is essential for suppliers like us in order to grant a continuous renewal of the products portfolio to all world-wide customers. Thus, since the very beginning, the company has invested heavily in R&D activities, setting up and exploiting an R&D center which is fully equipped with pilot plants and all necessary tools and equipment for new product development. So far, Mafin has industrialized 500 different items, with more than 1200 products developed in the R&D center. 
To this strong commitment to R&D, we add a total focus on Quality, with more than 15% of our personnel dedicated to activities linked to quality control on raw materials, management and monitoring of process parameters, and quality control on finished product.
We consider the stability of relationships (inside and outside the company) as key factor for building up a mutual trust among stakeholders and for building up the real business know-how. For achieving such a goal, the company has always opted for strategic choices: by heavily investing in personnel training pushing for its professional growth; by investing very important resources in process automation (in order to minimize bodily fatigue and maximize job safety); by building up long term and reliable business relationships with selected suppliers who are granting superior quality standards and very strict specifications; and not least, by choosing to be active just in the B2B market without entering the B2C market (the market of our customers).
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