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A CYCLE TOUR IN PADUA IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GALILEO GALILEI Exploring Padua’s landmarks of the early 1600s on two wheels, those linked to the scientific discoveries and the great astronomer’s passion for good food and local traditional products. Padua, “nursery of arts”, has always had a tight bond with science. Here the great Genius of Copernicus had the intuition to assign the Earth its correct position in the Universe, but most importantly the scientific method of Galileo Galilei opened a path to modern science.
In the decade when he was Professor of maths  at the University of Padua, and with his telescope he discovered the four moons of Jupiter, that he called “Medician Stars”, the anecdote that at Galilei’s home great food was served circulated, as well: this has been deduced from the list of meat that he ordered at a local butcher shop for Christmas in 1604.
This itinerary, which combines science and flavors of the traditional local cuisine, will take us to some of the landmarks in the city of the “Saint”. Prato della Valle, Paduan Pantheon and biggest square of Europe, with its statues representing 78 illustrious guests of the city, among whom was Galileo Galilei. We cycle through the cobbled alleys of the historical centre until we reach the tower of the former Astronomical Observatory, which now houses the Museum La Specola. It was erected in 13th c. by the tyrant Ezzelino da Romano, and was the so-called Mastio or bulwark of defence in the medieval Castle. In the following century it went to the Carraresi, the Lords of Padua. We continue cycling along the bank of the Bacchiglione river, whose main section flows through the city centre, to get to the historical seat of the University of Padua, the Bo Palace, inside which, the «Hall of the Forty» houses the original chair used by Galileo.
We are now in the medieval heart of the city, the imposing Palazzo della Ragione towering above, which Paduans lovingly call “Salone” because the upper storey is a huge hanging hall and till 1797 was Padua’s Court House. On the ground floor is the covered market, which is made up of several shops selling the best locally produced foods, such as the famous “gallina padovana” or paduan hen, and the other farm animals, horse meat, the renowned cold cuts, among which is the delicious Soprèssa (aged salami), ending up on sweets with the local “Fugassa” and Pazientina.
After lunch and a taste of the traditional local cuisine in a typical “trattoria” of the city centre, we continue our cycle route to get to the Planetarium of Padua. Here we will attend an astronomy lesson and watch an impressive full dome video, thanks to a sophisticated video projection system, which allows to recreate a highly realistic virtual Universe.

Free time for a picnic or optional lunch in a typical “trattoria” in Padua.
The itinerary is relatively easy, with no technical difficulties, and doesn’t require any physical training. We do anyway recommend to check objectively your physical fitness and to choose carefully bike shoes and outdoor clothing. Put in your backpack: snacks, water, lightweight waterproof jacket, bike helmet.
Via Facciolati, 22 ( near Hospital ) bus stop Pontecorvo
Full day – 8 km
€ 25,00 full price - € 17,00 reduced
Bike rental € 8,00
Specola Museum € 7,00 (groups min 15 participants € 5,00)
Spritz/Wine glass € 2,50
Bo Palace (groups min 10 participants € 3,50)Planetarium € 7,00 ( groups min 30 participants € 5,00)
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