BITE AND RUN! Baccalà, Sarde in saor, bertagin fritto, trippa, risi e fasoi duri, polenta abbrustolita......what else?!
A little bit of Veneto to taste and to take away.
Please, don't leave our Region, without tasting what represent our history!
Peasant dishes, local and traditional, that are still part of our culture and cuisine.
Each time you taste them, you will remember your grandparents; each bite will evoke you the warmth of your family!

Come and taste out products: we made them with love and passion, to offer you the best quality!

A warm THANK YOU to those who will be curios to meet us!

The event will take place in the morning, from 11.40 am to 01.30 pm, and in the afternoon, from 5.00 pm to 08.30 om

How to participate? Just come to our shop, La RosticceRa with a lot of appetite!
  • Piazza Marconi 31D
    Porto Viro (RO)


We prepare typical dishes of this region with care and passion,with the beautiful season we create even more delicious recipes.
In the shelf units of our shop you will find local craft and produced beers, sweets, fritto dell Adriatico (fried seafood), baccalà(salted codfish), sarde in saor (sardines with vinegar and onion), riso e fasoi duri (rice with beans)...ALL OF THIS PRODUCTS ARE OUR MASTERPIECES!
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Piazza Marconi 31D
45010 - Porto Viro (RO)
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