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DISCOVERING THE PO RIVER AND ITS DELTA Itinerant camping-van journey along the shores of the Po The event has been organized by Campeggio Club Polesano of Rovigo with the patronage of Federazione Campeggiatori del Veneto – Confedercampeggio .
It’s an unforgettable motorhome holiday along the terminal part of great Po River and the branches of its Delta :it’s a tour in an area in which nature and man work together, giving us endless resources such as energy, agriculture , cattle- breeding, fish farming and turism, in the care and respect of the environment, where culture and history combine to past.
We will see its features, we will visit its towns and historical sites, its main hydraulic works, its famous route of Occhiobello of 1951 and its floodplains ; we’ll cross  the River on bridges made by barges and we’ll sail along the benches and the island of Scano Boa, we’ll arrive to sea and visit the Botanic Garden of Marina di Caleri.
The  program is into two parts. The first part:
Leaving from Revere (MN), Gonzaga’s summer residence, located on the right bank, we’ll pass on the left bank to Bergantino to visit the Museum of “Giostre”, the only one in Europe and we’ll reach Occhiobello on the famous route of 1951. Then we’ll cross the Po River and  go to Ferrara , Estensi’s home, very nice town to go  round by bike. We’ll visit its Cathedral , Castle and Jewish neighbourhood.
After visiting Ferrara , we’ll go to Rovigo, the other town linked to the Po River, where we’ll visit the Museum of “I Grandi Fiumi”, the famous “Chiesa della Rotonda” and the two central squares , typically venetian .
Then we’ll resume our trip again along the left bank of the River to reach its Delta, visiting floodplains, spectacular bends and the  “Biconca Volta Grimana”, the greatest work of Italian inland navigation. We’ll get to cross the ancient Via Popilia, called then Romea near “S.Basilio” site, that has been used since “Etruschi times”.
The second part is devoted to the Delta, its seven branches and the Adriatic Sea. We’ll go along the valleys streets between the lagoons, looking at typical protected flora and fauna of this spectacular humid area  (there are only four of them in whole Europe) ; we’ll cross the “Po della Gnocca” by barges bridge , here and at Boccasette.
We’ll be delighted by admiring the Delta and sailing inside it . At this point , we’ll take again ours bikes to go and visit the Botanic Garden of Marina di Caleri.

From 7th to 14th June 2015 ( for a detailed programme write to: campingclub.polesano@libero.it or visit the website: www.fcveneto.it)

Important! The Rally has a limited number. Please, bring your bike and your CB: we’ll tell you about Po River and its Delta while travelling.
At Rosolina Village in Rosolina Mare all participants can eat at the restaurants with special prices.
Rally is divided into two parts in order to allow the less fortunate to dock on Friday – Saturday and visit the Delta .

Massimo Zanella
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Gianni Nicoli
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Franca Tolo
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Luigino Lazzari   
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telephone: +39 339.29.00.283 
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