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WATERFUL VERONA: STUDY ITALIAN AND EXPLORE VERONA, FROM THE ADIGE RIVER TO SAINT ZENO THE FISHERMEN Discover how the presence of water influences the production of our culinary products, art and…the moods of our people! A journey designed for those who want to learn a new language and wander a welcoming city, a city designed on a human scale, well-maintained and rich in culture and natural beauty.  “BRIDGES & ICE”

We’ll go up into the hills of the Lessinia mountain range, where the ancient giassàre or ice houses were built, or rather, the first “refrigerators” in local history that served to supply ice to the city year-round. These Lessinian woods also contain an immense rock formation known as Ponte di Veja. This rock formation is the largest natural bridge in Europe, beneath which, even today, flows the torrent that created it, eroding the mountain’s rock. Hungry after our exploration, we will visit a nearby farm to learn how the local “Monte Veronese” cheese is produced, and then have a lunch with a menu based on locally grown and produced foods. We would also like to plan a meeting with the mountain workers who protect the wildlife of this ecosystem. Giorgia filmed the video for the song “Quando una stella muore” here. http://youtu.be/omX_svLJ5zg


Only 30 minutes from Verona, we’ll visit the largest lake in Italy: Lake Garda. The area enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean microclimate that creates mild temperatures here in the North: in this microclimate, the Veronese have cultivated lemons, grapes and olives for centuries. We will discover the colors and flavors of this sun-drenched land by visiting the lemon greenhouse of Castel in the lakeside town of Limone and the Olive Oil Museum in Cisano, ending with a swim or a walk along the lake and sampling a glass of wine in a local bar along with the area’s freshwater fishermen. Gianni Morandi filmed the video for the song “Solo insieme saremo felici” here. http://youtu.be/0OuxhV5Kz8Y


The province of Verona is rich in waterways, and, before getting to know the Adige River—the focus of our city tour—we’ll take a bicycle ride on the bike path that runs along the Mincio River and connects Mantova and Peschiera del Garda. Following the green river along the bike path lets us admire the wildlife in an idyllic landscape, the rule of which was contested by Italian and foreign armies for centuries. We will study the canals constructed to control the river’s flow, ending our ride at the Medieval water mills of Borghetto, a centuries-old mill town in complete harmony with its river. The Mincio is an idyllic river with ancient mills that seem to be constructed from the water itself. After this merry jaunt, we will learn how to make “love knots,” the famous tortellini from nearby Valeggio: they have this name because they resemble the knot in a silk handkerchief tied by two lovers before, legend says, they threw themselves into the river together.


After visiting the joyous waters of the Mincio, we will delve into the floodplain, where the inhabitants of the Veronese lowlands cultivate rice that is to transformed into different sweet and savoury gastronomic wonders. In these lands, dietary habits are different, and pasta gives way to this white grain. Rice loves water, and it grows immersed in it. With agricultural experts by our side, we will learn about this productive business, and then we will learn how to cook the perfect risotto and local sweets in the most famous rice paddy in Isola della Scala, the Veneto capital of risotto.


The Adige river, the pure waters of the creeks, the aqueducts, Verona and the history of its fountains and washhouses. Crossing through historic Renaissance gardens, hidden piazzas and the area formerly submerged by the Adige river, we then move to a meeting with the sports team that will take us on our next adventure: a moving and culturally stimulating rubber rafting trip. Gianna Nannini filmed the video for her song “Ti voglio tanto bene” here. http://youtu.be/ohwFbV-6-2M


Verona and its provinces + the Veneto

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Are you undecided about which city to choose for studying Italian? Come to Verona! Because Verona is Roman, because Verona is Medieval, Verona is Templar: it’s an ancient lady rich in interesting stories to tell. The city’s possession of so much artistic richness has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let us know what your needs and interests are, and we will find the best way to satisfy them. We are in the heart of Verona, but also near Venice and Mantova, two cities protected by water, our lands are rich in THERMAL WATERS, and we also like to visit the fantastic AMUSEMENT PARKS of Garda Lake. 

The IDEA Verona Study Centre is a school of Italian language and culture for foreigners located in the historic centre of Verona. Not only an environment dedicated to language, art and cultural studies, IDEA Verona is also a meeting place for students from around the world. IDEA Verona occupies a separate building inside the Salesian institute “Don Bosco,” which in Verona includes a university residence as well. This will be our safe departure point for all tour excursions. We will travel flexibly by private van, train or car, depending on the number of participants and our destination.

Write to the following address indicating:

The size of your group

When you will be coming to Verona

How long you can stay with us (a minimum of 5 days from Monday to Friday)

If you need accommodation and if so, your preferences.

We will be happy to contact you with a cost estimate for your personalised program!


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Idea Verona is an Italian language school for foreigners who wish to enjoy their stay in Verona. We are specialized in living the language through culture: encouraging conversation in various situations. Therefore we organize after class fresco workshops, wine tasting experiences, and educational adventures in the region from the Alps to the sea and Venice. OperaVerona, which part of Idea Verona, is responsible for masterclass dedicated to conductors and opera singers from all over the world. 
Company Contacts
Stradone Provolo, 16
37123 - Verona (VR)
+39 045 8015352 www.ideaverona.com
Further information
The Idea Verona Study Centre is the first school of Italian language and culture born in the magical city of Romeo and Juliet. Our teachers are all qualified, experienced and constantly updated on methodologies for teaching Italian L2. All come from diverse training backgrounds and professional experiences to ensure the group's continuous enrichment and allow the school to offer a vast educational opportunity. The team meets daily under the careful guidance of the educational coordinator who is also responsible for testing and orientation interviews with new students.

Since opening in 1998, the unique teaching method and personal relationships that develop between teacher and pupil has enabled the school to grow thanks to our former students. In fact, word of mouth both on the internet and off, has always been the advertising we prefer because, in our view, relationships are what gives value to life.

The school was actually born in Verona to meet the demand of tour operators to master the secrets of the province and learn the Italian language in order to better carry out their work in the Veneto region. We are always attentive to the needs of the market and we facilitate meetings between our clients and the city's institutions (associations and events) where the most enterprising students can take part in volunteer activities. Even today, the friendly atmosphere, in school and in their relations with the people of Verona, helps students quickly learn the Italian language, and can be used every day.

The Idea Verona Study Centre also participates in study abroad programmes in European secondary schools and universities overseas. We believe that to be always up to the standards of great partners encourages us to improve our standards for all our future students.

Moreover OperaVerona, which is part of Idea Verona, is responsible for advanced musical training in the symphonic and opera area. It’s a meeting point for conductors and opera singers from all over the world that wish to perfect their technique with Julius Kalmar, Giovanni Pacor, Aris Cristofellis, Domenico Balzani e Alessandra Althof Pugliesi.

Idea Verona and OperaVerona are an independent building within the "Don Bosco" Salesian institution, part of the famous Italian school organization spread throughout the world, which in Verona also includes a university residence. In addition to being located in an enviable central location, a short walk from the Arena and the historic centre of the city, the school has adequate space for socializing, enjoying the peace and quiet needed for study and concentration, and is located in a large, pleasant and secure area, with concierge, courtyards, garden and indoor catering services at affordable costs: bar open between classes and cafeteria open for lunch.

The school, entirely covered by Wi-Fi, is equipped with bright, spacious and comfortable rooms with air conditioning, two of them with pianos, a leisure hall with 5 computer stations to surf the internet for free and a small library with loan videos. The secretary of the Idea Verona Study Centre, open all year, is a service that is always available to students from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:00

The school provides its non-resident students with an accommodation search and booking service.

The school does not have its own accommodations, but provides its non-resident students with an accommodation search and booking service. Allocation is determined taking the needs of the student and actual availability into account. The cost varies depending on the length of stay, time of year and the characteristics of the accommodations (distance from the school, private bathroom, additional services such as TV, air conditioning, parking).

Idea Verona helps the student to complete documents required for obtaining a visa or a residence permit for study purposes.

Citizens from non-EU countries and which require an entry visa to enter Italy can enrol in and attend a course provided they have a visa
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