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BIKE TOUR AMONG OLD RIVER PORTS AND MEDIEVAL VILLAGES The past as an example of environmental sustainability: old reclamation works, traditional nautical skills, navigation and boat building, riverside ports. Very expressive microcosms of the themes of the Expo 2015. I invite you to discover the Euganean hills’ magic profile from the saddle of the bike, along the cycle path that surrounds the entire scenic area.
The sights are simply spectacular! For example the view of the Catajo Castle at the entrance in Battaglia Terme, that we can admire nearly. Battaglia Terme is an old riverside port in the very middle of a large network of canals that connected the rich Venetian market with all the towns in the northeastern part of Italy.

The charm of Venice’s canals extends to this region of lowlands and we will discover the history of the ancient “highways” at the Inland Navigation Museum. It wants to preserve what remains of a cultural and environmental heritage left in the shadows, neglected, nearly functionally extinct, fading from memory, almost a ‘holocaust’ due to the overwhelming onset of different economies, activities, and perceptions. All the river knowledge centered, not only navigation and boat building, but activities related such as fisheries, ports, and the dynamics of riverside settlements need major attention.
We will touch scale models of different types of riverboats and, moreover, we will meet the last boatman, one of the founders of the Museum.
We will always cycle on the plain, on the bank of Battaglia canal, next to the Valli Selvatiche, near the very elegant Villa Selvatico – Sartori, that glances to us superbly from the top of Sant’Elena hill.
The landscape itself is an open-air museum. Soon we reach a strange hydraulic artifact. Here the bridge-canal is dedicated to Montaigne, the historian and French politician, that passed over here in 1580 during his journey along the Europe. We take a look to the geometrical landscape, the result of the Venetian land reclamation of the mid of Sixteenth century. Contrarily, on the other side of the canal, the landscape appears irregular because of its older reclamation works.

A photographer’s dream, the view is never the same and we reach Monselice, a walled town. We take a pleasant detour from the cycle path in order to reach one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval villages in Italy, Arquà Petrarca. Here, the great poet and “father of Humanism”, Francesco Petrarca, lived his last years.
The return path takes us on the estate of Lispida Castle, historic residence that has important wineries. We could continue for many kilometers to enjoy the wonders of this territory, but I suggest to take a break and taste some local gastronomic specialties with a glass of wine.
What do you think? But it depends on what type of person you are…

Bike tour with tourist guide
Itinerary: we bike mostly on riverbanks and gravel roads, on asphalt on secondary roads protected from regular traffic
Starting point: park of the Church in Viale dei Colli, Battaglia Terme. For those who arrive by car, a free park is available. You can reach Battaglia Terme also by train.
Difficulty:  easy, total 30 km, altitude range 25 m
Duration: half day
Points of interest: Battaglia Terme, Arco di Mezzo, Artificial navigation basin, Montaigne’s bridge-canal, Inland Navigation Museum, Arquà Petrarca, Lispida Castle
For information and reservation: tel. +39 328 4089272; e-mail: carmen.gurinov@gmail.com
In case of bad weather conditions, the bike tour may be modified or cancelled.
The excursion is organized with the collaboration and the technical support of the best travel agencies.
  • Chiesa in Viale dei Colli
    Battaglia Terme (PD)


I’m a tourist guide and your professional reference for the Euganean Hills and the underlying field. I’ll translate your taste and interests in itineraries that best suit you. By bike, on foot, by boat, we will discover the landscape around that still manages to surprise even me in many ways. I work with the best travel agencies for the construction of curious itineraries and tour packages, but I promptly reply to requests from individual tourists and groups.
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Further information
I'm Carmen, a tourist guide (Italian, English, Romanian languages) and an enthusiastic geographer. I’m active in some cultural and hiking associations in the Euganean Hills where I do the guide so I know both the hills that the plain below.
I have a degree in Geography achieved in Padua and the topics that interest me more are relevant to the geographical aspects of the area. I’ll tell you about the land reclamation, with the hydraulic artifacts as testimonies, as the Montaigne bridge-canal located on the bike path of the Hills, on the edge of Valli Selvatiche. I’m sure that the best way to understand the water landscape is rowing like natives on the board of a typical row boat or cycling on riverbanks.
We will go slowly in order to discover every single little story that the territory tells us. Among all the Euganean hills, my favorite is Mount Fasolo and from its dorsal looking toward the south, we’ll see a landscape that is a great lesson of geology and human history.
Here where I live the paths indulge among water canals, country landscapes, medieval castles and Venetian villas.
I suggest you to take a break and taste the local gastronomic specialties and a glass of wine. But it depends on what type you are…
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