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IN MAZZOLADA JAZZ NOTES AND WINE UNDER THE STARS A summer night, a glass of excellent wine and some mellow jazz notes. The notes will contribute in creating a unique atmosphere, under the summer sky near Venice. Inside the Casone, , there will be a wide variety of Mazzolada wines, from important red wines to the most refined sparkling ones.  On the 25th of June, music, great wine, and a setting straight out of a Hemingway novel. 
A summer night, an excellent glass of wine and refined jazz notes – this is the offer from Mazzolada which, on June 25th starting at 9 pm, will host a jazz concert. The notes will contribute in creating a unique atmosphere under the summer sky, a few km away from the Venetian coast. The show, with free entrance, will be an opportunity to experience the charming environment in the Casone. The Casone is a typical building from these areas,  Mazzolada wanted it restored in order to re-experience the charm of the places described by Hemingway for a few hours. 
Thorough the evening there will be the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Mazzolada wines, from the important red wines to the most refined sparkling ones. 
Reservation is appreciated: tel. 0421-704646; e-mail: info@mazzolada.it
The company is based in Portogruaro (VE), between the Eastern part of the Veneto Region and the southern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in one of the most renowned areas for an excellent viticulture. The Genovese family bought the estate in 1985, inheriting the tradition and the millennial culture for the production of refined wines. Today, the estate extends over 126 hectares,  91 of which are vineyards for the production of DOC wines. The quality of production is demonstrated by the numerous awards that the Mazzolada wines have received in the last few years, during the most prestigious enological contests.


The concert will start at 9 pm and will last one hour and a half. Following the concert, there will be a wine tasting inside our store.
Please register by calling the 0421704646
Those who wish to visit the wine cellar before the start of the concert should provide such information while registering for the event.
For additional information, it is possible to visit our website www.mazzolada.it or our Facebook page: mazzolada

Free and wide parking available
  • Via Triestina 66
    Portogruaro (VE)


A few km from Venice, in an area entirely DOC, the Mazzolada estate (126 hectares, 95 of which are vineyards) can recommend  to tourists and enology enthusiasts: walks in the vineyard between hawks, hares and pheasants in the places narrated by Hemingway; a visit to the most ancient ash of the province of Venice; It will be possible to taste the Mazzolada wines, obtained through careful treatments of the vineyard and modern methods for the grape manufacturing, in an island surrounded by greenery.
Company Contacts
via Soranza 133
31033 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
+390421704646 www.mazzolada.it
Further information
Agricola Mazzolada is located in the eastern part of Veneto, close to Portogruaro (VE), in a wine area called "Lison Pramaggiore" and “Venezia”, one of the most renowned areas for the production of DOC wines, located within the mountainsides of the Alps, the Adriatic Sea and the Lagoon of Venice.
In our estate, we cultivate several varieties of vine:
for white varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Lison (the ancient Tocai), Traminer, Sauvignon,Prosecco, Malvasia,Verduzzo;
for red varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Raboso, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.
The unspoiled and restful landscape, the streets lined with trees, the temperate climate and the quiet industriousness of the inhabitants are the background for our vineyard, which extend over 126 hectares of limestone-clay soil. This is ideal for the cultivation of vines, which we look after with passion and with loving meticulous attention, the aim being to obtaini a high quality product that is totally genuine.
The beautiful appreciation of so much dedication and of the patient care to the quality of products (above and beyond the numerous awards achieved in prestigious wine competitions and exhibitions) comes, undoubtedly, from the satisfaction that our customers communicate with us constantly. This gives us the energy to try to improve our products while still maintaining the levels of perfection we achieve by combining tradition, innovation and modernity.
The careful selection of vineyards is determined by the type of soil, preferring quality over quantity, the enhancement of the land and its environment, paying particular attention to the typical wines of the area. We always uphold the traditions of the area, replicating the aromas and the flavors that come with the ancient cultivation of the vine that has been practiced in these regions for centuries to produce such high quality wines.
While upholding the traditional production methods, we have a modern winery using the latest in high-tech equipment, innovation and advanced techniques of the vineyard’s cultivation and winemaking. We comply fully with regulations designed to protect the environment and working practices. Our wines will always be the natural culmination of the proper use of the resources of the area.
Our passion for fine wines is inextricably intertwined with our love for the environment:
Within the estate grows a magnificent ash tree dating back 250 years
Graceful hawks live among the vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon
The land not being utilized by vineyards is planted with soya bean, maize or wheat
We cultivate lavender plants which, in the flowering months, cover and wrap the surrounding environment in a stunning blue/purple display of color
Within the estate, we have built  a fishing house of straw called “Casone” following traditional construction techniques, typical of the area so close to the Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.
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