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ESTRO 2015 - IRRIGATE THE PLANET, ENERGY FROM THE GRAPEVINE At Estro - Vino e Cucina a series of wine tastings and events dedicated to Natural Wine and Food Excellences We organise a series of wine tasting events, Based on Natural Wines, sustainable agriculture and viticulture, and local food Excellences.
The meaning of the meetings is to sensitize the audience about themes like sustainability and organic agriculture and viticulture performed without chemicals or pesticides, and how to feed and mantains the environement. We'll talk about the importance of biodiversity and feeding the earth, and we'll taste the wonderful results those alternative ways give if performed correctly, with patience and awareness.
The meetings are gonna be conducted at the presence of winemakers, producers and technicians that work in eco-sustainable ways, assisted during the different occasions by quality food producers and professionists.
We think that the rediscovering of these values are essentials and perfectly in line with the Expo 2015 guidelines.

The Meetings are taking place on Mandy afternoon from 16 to 18:30 and the admittance is free

Dates are:
20 April - Meeting with the Winemakers from Winery Cà del Vènt form Cellatica (BS).
4 May - Meeting and launch of the new vintages of the Winery Clarabella from Erbusco (BS)
18 May - Meeting and Wine Tasting from the Maison Monmarthe from Ludes, Champagne
1 June - Orange Wines from the North of Italy. With the producers Terpin, Radikon and Assiria Natural Wines
15 June - Natural Wines from Slovenia, with presence of 4 producers.

Visit our web-site and facebook to be updated with the program:
  • Estro - Vino e Cucina, Dorsoduro 3778
    Venezia (VE)


Wine Bar located in the heart of Venice, focusing on Natural Wines and Local Delicacies.
Open everyday from 11 to 24, restaurant, bar and wine shop open all day long.
Company Contacts
Dorsoduro 3778
30123 - Venezia (VE)
00390414764914 estrovenezia.com
Further information
Estro is a place where wine and food excellences collide outside the old social schemes, a meeting point where the contents are more important than the aspects,
where a conscious experience of eating and drinking is essential compared to the established idea of the food industry.
Open all day long, Estro gives an eclectic offer, suitable for everything a customer needs: a quick glass of wine, an easy "tramezzino" during the day, a proper meal in the evening,
and the chance to buy yor favorite bottle of wine and take it home with you.

Estro is mainly an "enoteca" focused on Natural Wine from all around the World; with over 500 labels, every single one of them available by the glass, our selection can satiisfy every request and every personal taste. In our cellar you won't find the most famous and popular references, you will find wines that are alive and kicking, respectful of the environement and good for your health.

Estro is not only food and wine, the design of the place tells the story of the Venetian craftsmanship excellences and its more promising young artists.
The refined handcrafted goblets made from Elia Toffolo and the flaming lamps from Mattia and Marco Salvadore, show the dinamic and young reality of Murano Glass.
The wood and iron structures, most of them from recycled materials, represent the ability of the young artist Mauro Pasqualin.
All of this collaborations are born with the willing to show everybody a new Venice, vibrant and active in the Art Scene.
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