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THE DISCOVERY OF ANCIENT BEACHES: PORTO VIRO FOSSIL DUNES A pleasant excursion on foot along a path characterized by gentle up and down  on the ancient dunes, important evidence of the ancient lines of coast dating back to the Etruscan - Roman period.
In the hinterland to the west of the current beaches of the Delta of the Po, are detectable traces of ancient alignments of dunes to witness the evolution which has been subject to beach and consequently the line of coast in the past millennia. These sandbars, whose length can arrive in a few cases to 1.5 kilometers in general constitute the base of the Delta from the era  pre - etruscan, from which the term Fossil Dunes. The dunes looked like a chain of small hills, which sometimes reached the height of 10 meters. The landscape today is characterized by gentle up and down with clearings where in spring bloom rare orchids and where they find the ideal place to nest different species of migratory birds, such as the exclusive succia goats, or the colorful Bee-eater.
Our Orlando The "Dunes" manages a portion of this precious jewel environment by organising meetings, outputs, small events to raise awareness and enhancement addressing both to the schools of each order and degree of the Park, both for adults working with all the institutions in charge of the protection of the environment. Our Orlando has volunteers and passionate naturalists and expert environmental guides to accommodate our guests and make them acquainted with the extraordinary environmental heritage offered of the dunes.  

On the occasion of World Expo 2015, the universal exhibition in Milan, and the association The Dunes Onlus offers guided tours accompanied by naturalist guides expert in a unique environment as the fossil dunes, representing what in ancient times it was the boundary between the Po Plain and the sea, covered by a lush pine forest and where it is possible to admire a unique ecosystem .
The paths meander in the pine forest of pines, small meadows, tall oaks where in spring bloom rare orchids and where you can listen to the fingering of the peaks
In addition, there will be the opportunity to stop and have a picnic with tasting of local products.
Orlando also proposes not only food for the body, but also food for the mind organising courses of Qi Gong, Taiji Quan. Immersed in the splendid setting of fossil dunes, all may be nourished with the large energy present in this precious jewel environmental.
For the nautical excursions we partner with a company of local navigation, which manages tours by boat at the mouth of the River Po, with the possibility to have lunch on board or in the restaurants of the Po Delta where they will be dishes and products of the land and the sea at km 0

Duration of the tour: 2-3 hours
Terms of participation:  by groups upon reservation.
For reservations:
+39 3494260709
+39 3426835310
  • Via Cao Marina
    Porto Viro (RO)


The Association "The Dunes" constituted in october 2010, deals with the protection and the safeguard of the environment.
Company Contacts
Via del Ginepro. 3
45014 - Porto VIro (RO)
+393426835310 www.centrovisiteledune-portoviro.it
Further information
The Association, which is a non-profit organization  aims to provide initiatives for the protection and enhancement of nature  and the environment in its landscape, cultural and social in the Delta of the Po and primarily in the territory of the Municipality of Porto Viro, safeguarding the environmental park and nature of fossil dunes and protected areas related to them.

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