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INSIDE THE GLASS. DISCOVER THE GRATEST WINES OF VENETO 6 wines and 6 dishes of the Venetian culinary tradition. A professional sommelier will introduce you in the tasting of 6 great wines and a chef will prepare 6 courses to pair with each wine. We created this special wine tasting,  according to the themes of Expo Milano 2015. The food and wine tasting is closely linked to the major themes of Expo2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The choices we make everyday about how to feed ourselves, the energies and resources of the planet used to produce the wines and foods that can guarantee the quality of our and others' lives, all these actions requires education and training. The event we propose, is a hedonistic and educational experience. Thanks to the expertise of the sommelier Mauro Businaro in the restaurant field, the beautiful location of the selected restaurant, Mauro, Venice and wine offers in the mean time a culinary experience and wine tasting. Six wines from Veneto chosen on an imaginary journey that goes from East to West, from Venice to Verona, passing through Vicenza and from North to South, from Treviso to Padova. The wines will be paired with six traditional dishes of Veneto region. A professional sommelier, will make you understand the features of these important wines. We will face the dynamics of wine tasting to understand how and which wine order in a  restaurant. Delicious culinary preparations will accompany the wines selected and will enable us to evaluate the various combinations and the versatility of pairing that each wine has.
Expo 2015 is also an opportunity to discover the main role that the Venetian culinary culture historically plays in Italy and Europe.

Location: Ristorante La Montecchia - via Montecchia, 12  - 35030 Selvazzano Dentro - Padova
Hours: 12:30-03:30 pm - 08:00-11:00 pm
Event duration: 3 hours
Info and bookings: mauro@mauroveniceandwine.it - http://mauroveniceandwine.it
  • Via Montecchia, 12
    Selvazzano Dentro (PD)


Mauro, Venice and wine is the travel, food and wine reference in Venice and Veneto region.
Discover so much beauty, in a breathtaking tour: beautiful scenery, rich in history, art and culture, but also delicious tables, local delicacies, flavors and rituals.
We design and manage thematic tours about food, wine, history of art and architectural history. We travel throughout the Veneto region cooperating with the best travel agencies.
Company Contacts
via Raffaello Sanzio 21
35027 - Noventa Padovana (PD)
+39 392 0390992 mauroveniceandwine.it/it/
Further information
My name is Mauro Businaro. From the mid '80s, during high school I started working in bars and restaurants. In October 1998 I started to attend courses AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and I graduated Sommelier (1 '2' 3' level) in January 2000. Over the last 10 years I have managed restaurants and wine bars and, at the same time, I organized food events and tasting lessons. My work is a constant research and updating because telling stories of wine and food it means to accompany our listeners in the territory of the emotions: passion and experience are essential elements.
In my continuous training path, in 2012 I started the study of cultural heritage at the degree course DAMS (Disciplines of the arts, music and entertainment) of the University of Padua.
In February 2014 born Mauro, Venice and wine, the brand of Venice and Wine, which provides travel products, designing and managing travels in the thematic areas of food, wine, history of art and architectural history.
Our travel programs last from half a day to several days, making use of specialized teams in each theme.
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