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THE RICE IN THE WORLD WITH GABRIELE FERRON FOR EXPO2015 - PAELLA & SANGRIA Gabriele Ferron, master chef and owner of Ferron ricemill, is internationally known as the ambassador of rice, as he travels around the world to hold cooking classes about rice. During the World Expo 2015 he will bring his know-how and experience in a series of theme evenings dedicated to Rice.
To open our series of tasting menus on " Rice in the World with Gabriele Ferron for Expo2015 " we start in the best way!
Directly from Valencia to Isola della Scala, precisely at the Ristorante Pila Vecia, the authentic flavors of Catalonia ... an original steaming Paella served with Sangria. From the appetizer to the dessert,  all the menu is based on rice and its derivatives and completely gluten free.
In the charming showkitchen and using the Rice of the Veronese Plain Gabriele Ferron, frequent guest in Spain for evenings and cooking classes, prepares this laborious and tasty dish of the Spanish gastronomy which is the union of the culinary elements of the Valencia area, rich of fresh vegetables, chickens, rabbits, fish and also rice, thanks to the near " Albufera " (namely: lagoon) area.

The evening starts at 20:00
For info and reservations :

Ristorante Pila Vecia
Via Saccovener, 9
37063 - Isola della Scala (VR)
Tel: +39.045.6630642
Fax: +39.045.7301989
  • Via Saccovener 9
    Isola della Scala (VR)


The Ferron Ricemill is an artisan company preserving passion and tradition for rice since five generations.
We organize guided tours in the territory of the Nano Vialone Veronese rice: water springs, rice fields and rural villas. The duration of the tour is of about two hours accompanied by italian or foreign languages speaking professional guides. In the two restaurants we offer cooking lessons and tasting menus realized with rice from the starter to the dessert.
Company Contacts
Via Torre Scaligera, 9
37063 - Isola della Scala (VR)
0456630642 www.risoferron.com
Further information
The Pila Vecia, today property of the Ferron Family, was founded in 1650 and is situated in the veronese plain, in Isola della Scala. Protected by the Academy of Fine Arts as  historical monument, it is a still functioning example of industrial archaeology where the rice whitening with the traditional method is still in use. The Pila Vecia mechanisms are activated by a beamy wheel of seven meters diameter, which is powered by the spring water of the Fossa Zenobia.
The Ferron family carefully preserves the Pila Vecia as important piece of the past technology and transferred the craft knowledge and the product quality care into a solid business reality which is well known to gourmet and chefs in the whole world: the Ferron Ricemill Company.
The continuous research to improve products and the deep knowledge of rice allow the company to offer a wide range of products and to export them in various countries: Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Japan. The produced rice varieties are: vialone nano, carnaroli and different rice flours used to make pastas, sweet and salty bakery products.
In 2012 the Ristorante Pila Vecia, obtained from the old rice mill granary, passes the strict selection of the Italian Coeliac Deasease Association (AIC) and becomes part of the project "Food out of Home". Furthermore, to meet the needs of coeliac and gluten intolerant people, the Ferron Ricemill Company inaugurated a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the handmade production of gluten free dry pastry.
The Chef Gabriele Ferron, together with his brother Maurizio, are the owners of the Ferron Ricemill Company. Well known as the World Rice Ambassador, he is internationally known for his cooking lessons with menues entirely realized with rice, from the starter to the dessert. 1979 he is the promoter for the foundation of the Consortium for the Protection of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice. The aim of the Consortium is to protect this special rice variety and to supervise its cultivation method.
The farms taking part of the Consortium almost entirely eliminated herbicides and chemical fertilizers substituting them with such natural and traditional methods as for axample the crop rotation and the use of carps in the rice fields. Nowadays the Consortium for the Protection of the Vialone Nano Rice variety gathers 24 municipalities in the province of Verona.
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