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WATER THAT COMBINES…CANOE THAT GUIDES Let’s discover and appreciate, from a different point of view, the amazing territory of the Veneto Region, thanks to Expo 2015: think about a day spent in canoe or kayak!

You can enjoy it with your family, couple or friends! We can go through interior streams or in the lagoon area.
The territory of our region has in the water one of its fundamental elements: the rivers to streams, lakes and channels to the sea, the Veneto Region is surrounded and crossed by water and on it has developed crops and businesses.
Because the Veneto seen from the water takes on contours magic and offers new perspectives, in a sign of slow and sustainable holidays, lulled by the slow movement of the water in search of the beauties around, not only landscapes but also food and wine.
Canoe and Kayak
Paddling for sport, for passion or culture, to discover unexpected corners of the city in the Veneto, slipping gently on canals or ponds as the lagoon: canoe and kayak boats are perfect for those who want to live with the relaxation area, appreciating natural beauty but without neglecting the cultural and gastronomic.
Almost all waterways Venetians are suitable to beginners and enthusiasts who can paddle in peace. Many poles and nautical associations that rent equipment and offer preparatory courses or advanced courses, simply contact them to get the necessary information. Who does agonism, and want to train on water Venetian, located many routes to slide easily on the water, in full freedom and autonomy.
The Venetian lagoon, its rivers, rings or river valleys and lagoons and the City that are reflected on them are just some of the wonderful places that can be experienced in their essence in a canoe or kayak. The South Lagoon and the City of Art Chioggia are perhaps one of the most loved by canoeists, so that each year many fans approach the "sister of the Serenissima". And after a morning spent paddling is a must to stop greedy ashore to sample the culinary delights of the area in one of the many local restaurants, famous for their "zero kilometers".
The culinary art of restaurateurs "ciosoti" or clodiensi or Chioggia (adjectives that come from the various names in the history of Chioggia) and 'known throughout Italy and beyond.
Thanks to the genuine products of the earth (-IGP- radicchio, onion, pumpkin ...) and the fresh fish of the sea (blue fish, shellfish ...), are shaped dishes and recipes unique combination of flavors, colors and quality, also bringing some cooks and / or chef to win coveted awards.

And to round off the day you leave the beaches and Territory: a city of many faces., Art and
Chioggia, with its 50 thousand inhabitants is the sixth largest city in the Veneto region by population already the capital of the salt in the Middle Ages, the second city of the Doges of Venice and currently one of the largest fishing centers Italian, is situataall'estremità south of the Venice Lagoon in a site landscape and environmental singular, that UNESCO in 1987 has included in the World Heritage List.
History, art and traditions
Of particular interest in its historic center, example of urban plant-quoted by scholars and writers, for its characteristic shape, the classic "herringbone", in which the vertical lines of the square and of the internal and external channels (North-South) intersect with the horizontal lines of the streets lined with a regular order (East-West), a feature unique than the typical craft of fishing.
The particular urban design, the type of the majestic square and vibrant foundation with features civil and religious architecture, together with the considerable historical and artistic heritage, have recognized the full title of "city of art".

In conjunction to this event, the aim of the Club is to offer to all citizens of every country and age, the opportunity to practice a sport in contact with mother nature.
And 'possible, thanks to a series of events already planned, as well as live sports promotion also know the enhancement of local excellence in the field of history, culture and gastronomy.
We offer:
Canoe, accompanied by instructors, you pagaja between channels of the town of Chioggia, born and raised on the water, entering the heart of the most "real" city of art to appreciate the artistic beauty, also unique in the world, and on request also by tour guides, Canoe, assisted by one of our technical base, you pagaja in the Venetian lagoon south, admiring the beauty of the landscape in close contact with nature, away from the tourist crowds
The opportunity to rent a canoe and take to the water in the lagoon, a stretch of shallow water intersected by canals, natural and artificial, to invent paths existing in nature, between rows of huts and "mussel", the famous mussels chiozzotte ,
Possibility of tasting fish dishes, linked to the culinary tradition, prepared with the art and secrets in the ingredients that distinguish them and make them unique, Outputs in the water half-day, to be chosen from the Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning,
Tours in Italian and on request in English,
Info and Contacts
President, Doriano Nordio
Location Borgo S. Giovanni - Riva Lusenzo South - 30015 Chioggia, VE
E-Mail: informazioni@kayakchioggia.it
Site: www.kayakchioggia.it
Phone: 366-3906256 Fax 041 5547431
  • Via P. Togliatti
    Chioggia (VE)


Since 1984 there is in Chioggia the CKC. Since then it continues its efforts to spread the sport of canoe, with demonstrations and rallies.
Canoe and kayak boats are perfect for those who want to live a relaxing experience, appreciating the natural beauties.
Company Contacts
Via P. Togliatti
30015 - Chioggia (VE)
3663906256 www.kayakchioggia.it
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