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“CHIOGGIA: ART AND TASTE CANALS” An amazing journey discovering Chioggia, its thousand-year-old history between sea and lagoon, made of both art and hard work, but always double-bounded to water.
Art, environment, wine and food, fish and ichthyic  tourism, economy, each within a city to discover, in all its nuances.
Chioggia rises up on a five-islands territory on the Southern part of the Venice Lagoon, within a unique setting: Venice, the sea, the lagoon, the rivers and the mouth of the River Po. A sensory areas melting pot, among breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, monumental and culinary art, cherished by spirituality areas, thus representing an exciting a bond for our mind, body, soul and taste.
Such an amazing experience begins just as you enter the city, where you could enjoy the first sights of it: the impressive S. Francesco Church out of the city walls, now become Civic Museum of the Southern Lagoon, the Riva Vena and its typical colorful-sailed boats.
Walking through the ancient St. Mary Arch you enter the beatig heart of the city: the Corso del Popolo.
In Vigo Square you’ll set out on a typical Chioggia boat: the journey will be a visual, emotional but also economical and productive one: Mussels fishing farms will be visited, to  admire how water can make its children grow and raise and how old traditional fishing can become production on a larger scale. The trip will continue among the votive bricole, the strip of land named Pellestrina with its Apparition Sanctuary and the harbor entrance ways with their MOSE enginery.
Once landed, you’ll take a walk among narrow alleys, wards and squares, thus discovering the ancient urban site with its typical fish-bone shape. While walking you’ll see Chioggia and its huge range of colors coming from its emotional sides: a capital behind a small alley corner, fishing nets being mended along the shore, the sellers’ calls on the fish market, the local cafes vivaciousness. You cannot miss the chance for an on-high sightseeing, from the balcony of the Cathedral Bell Tower and from St. Andrea Tower, where the world oldest Tower Clock can be seen. The view stands out between sea, lagoon and the urban centre, crowned by its beautiful churches, such as St. Domenico Sanctuary, with its timber Christ come from under the sea, which glances back at Carpaccio’s St. Paul.
Having lunch on the Diga Foranea dyke within an ancient stilt house, now turned into a modern ichthyic  tourism,, the  fish caught can immediately be tasted. From the balansa the glance directs towards the skyline and along the seven kilometers of sandy coastline, between traces of Mediterranean vegetation and modern beach facilities
Back in Chioggia, in the afternoon there will be the chance to focus on the charming life living in our sea depths, with a trip to the Sea Biology Museum, on the precious Palazzo Grassi background. However, you won’t miss the chance for a brief visit to the Diocesan Museum and to the SS. Trinità Church, to admire some the world famous artists’ masterpieces.
Time for dinner, once again on the water, in the middle of the lagoon, on the old bilancioni. On the Northern part St. Marco Bell Tower, on the Southern Chioggia, the Adriatic Sea on the Eastern and the Venetian mountains on the Western, under our feet the sea environment, quite as if we were the main characters of a living painting….. meanwhile a sunset comes as if a surprise, followed by the keys of exquisite musical ditties. In such way, around the tables, all the old Goldoni's characters will come into life, among shellfish, Adiratic seafood, IGP radicchio lettuce, salted sardines (sarde in saor), in a range of the famous playwrite's sharp jokes. At the same time, the images of what lies beneath, what is hidden to us are passing by: the charming underwater scenery of Tegnue, sea bottom deposits which have given birth to an amazing environment. Rising our gaze, the sky can be observed thanks to astronomical telescopes, guiding us as the ancient seafarers used to.
Art, history, sea, lagoon, local products: all to be experienced in a single day, where both the trips and the resting times are part of an ongoing and amazing discovery.

The event will last the whole day, without any pressing moment, but just meeting the sites (productive, artistic and food-and-wine related) along the path, in a naturally-sequenced itinerary.
Visitors will be welcomed at around 10.00 am in Campo Marconi, opposite the Civic Southern Lagoon  Museum (Chioggia).
At 10.00 pm we'll leave from ichthyic-tourism  ai casoni to go back to Chioggia.
There won't be any schedule change for both the two events, although plans schedule can slightly  be modified.
Event attendance is free until all the 30 available seats will be filled.
For further information please write to start.chioggia@gmail.com or call the following numbers: +39 380 6555820 and +39 349 2330848.
A group of highly qualified cultural tourists operators will be at your full disposal for any further request or information
There will be a unique ticket of €50,00 in which guided trips to museums and cultural sites, boat excursions, lunch, dinner and participation to the several show performances are included, as well as the possible schedule modifications within three monthly planned events. For each date a public event is planned: the Marciliana Palio in June, the Fish Festival in July.
StArt is a group comprising Cultural Tourism operators trained by Garanzia Giovani, a FSE training course of the Veneto Region. Unioncoop gives its support to the self-entrepreneurial initiative making its facilities and its partnerships available.
  • Piazza Vigo
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Campo G. Marconi
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Riva Canal Vena 1281
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Via Sagraeto
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Corso del Popolo 1393
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Diga Sud
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Laguna di Chioggia
    chioggia (VE)
  • Corso del Popolo 1241
    Chioggia (VE)
  • Piazza XX settembre
    Chioggia (VE)


Unioncoop, corporation which boasts the Regione Veneto validation, plans and organizes FSE-financed courses and operates within the approved education training.
Unioncoop courses focus on professional training, enhancing the potentialities of the lagoon setting, for which several initiatives and events, in line with Expoveneto expectations can be submitted.

Company Contacts
30015 - CHIOGGIA (VE)
0415541616 www.unioncoop.com
Further information
Unioncoop has been operating since 1989 at the service of the fishing and waterfarming branches. Following a more and more cross-sectional and wider training request, Unioncoop has been acquiring an active role within the Southern part of the province.
Thanks to the collaboration with the Regional Job Agency, our training corporation has taken part on the planning of proposals for the re-orientation of redundancy workers within the Cavarzere and Chioggia territory.
On October 2002 Unioncoop got the Quality Certification, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 norms within EA 35-37 field. The caution in the fishing branch has brought, since 1992, to the designing and accomplishment of training courses on the FSE for Chioggia Navy.
The training and planning areas where Unioncoop has taken a relevant part are Human Resources, Tourism, CAD, and, as for the re-qualification, naval-mechanical.
The Enterprise has accomplished, with relevant results, eight projects for unemployed workers, endorsed by DGR nr 4100 of 31/12/2002, one project for unemployed workers endorsed by DGR nr 253 of 06/02/2004 and one project endorsed by DGR nr 1829 of 18/06/2004. Endorsement of eight further projects for unemployed workers has been achieved by DGR nr 4203 of 22/12/2004, as well as further nine courses for unemployed workers by DGR nr 2581 of 07/08/2006. Three Misura C4 training paths and five projects for the 2007 Annual Plan for penitentiary institutions of the Veneto Region have been accomplished. 
The accomplishment rate for the courses, within the previous two years (2001/2002 and 2002/2003) was of 100%. Between 2008 and 2009 Unioncoop furthermore launched a course for unemployed workers with DGR nr 1010/2008 and one addressed to a mixed-base public with DGR 2331/2008.
 Within LR nr 10 of 1990 the following projects have been accomplished:
DGR project nr 2467 of 04/08/2010: 2010 annual plan for training operations within the primary sector – type 2 “fishing branch training projects”.
DGR project nr 1920 of 27/07/2010 – Type 2 “skills promotion and development for fishing-branch workers”.
DGR project nr 2033 of 23/08/2012 “CAD designer for the construction industry”
2010 projects for the penitentiary institutions DGR 1565 of 08/06/2010.
With DR  nr 83 of 03/02/2012 Unioncoop has achieved validation for the Orientation area.
Thanks to the validation for the Job Services achieved on July 2012, Unioncoop has taken part to the Active policies for job industry, and, in 2013 it got consent – DGR 701 of 14/05/2013 – for the “docks operators” work experience,  for the “Family assistance” active policies (DDR 807 of 30/10/2013), as well as for “the skills empowerment process: New jobs within the Sea side economy” (DDR 858 of 15/11/2013), “integrated and inter-modal Logistic operators” (DDR 999 of 23/12/2013), and the job inclusion apprenticeships: “open-air tourism services operators”, “shop assistants and window-dressers”, “fresh fish treatment operators”.

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