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24TH SPINNING FAIR SILK, HANDCRAFT, TRADITION, TIPICAL CUSINE During SPINNING FAIR  the original process of producing and manufacturing silk is demonstrated using the original period machinery.
Fashion shows are combined with local crafts stalls; it’s possible to taste typical cuisine and dance to local music.

For more Information:+39  347 9656785
  • Filanda Romanin-Jacur via Roma 166
    Salzano (VE)


The town of Salzano is about 21 kilometers from the city of Venice and 25 kilometers from Padua and Treviso.
To reach Salzano, take the A4 toll road and exit at Mirano, which is 7 kilometers away. Three bus lines lead to Salzano from Venice and Mirano. The Salzano train station lies on the Trento-Venice line, and is about 20 minutes away from Venice. The Marco Polo International Airport is 28 km from Salzano, and the Antonio Canova Airport in Treviso is 19 km away.
Company Contacts
30030 - SALZANO (VE)
+390415709742 www.comune.salzano.ve.it
Further information
The old silk mill was built by Moisè Vita Jacur according to plans drawn up by his grandson, Leone Romanin-Jacur in 1872.
It soon became one of the most important mills in the entire Veneto Region.
During its peak, the factory provided work for 250 people, making a great positive impact on the local economy, which was still based mainly on agriculture at that time.
Further improvements were made to the plant in the early twentieth century, and production continued until 1937.
After a period in which production was suspended initially because of Fascist laws against the Jews, and then due to the war, work began again immediately after the war.
The mill was closed down for the last time during the early part of the 1950’s.
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