PAINTED STARS painted stars is a unique cultural event: a fusion between figurative art gastronomy; severalitalian artists with hight international reputation, painted four artworks on four wooden cutting boards measuring 70 x 180 cm These artworks were donated to Portaperta scs to achieve an enviable and highly original collectio that will be presented at EXPO 2015. In the meanwhile, the whole collection will be sold with an Ebay auction and it will be delivered to the highest bidder a great gastronomic event at BON TAJER: a typical regional restaurant in Lentiai (BL). During the authors of the artworks, 3 starred italian chefs and the home chef will interpret in their own way the artwoks, by matching each one a specific and evocative dish.

The entire collection of artworks will be auctioned via the Ebay website, according to its rules,terms and procedures. Bids for a single artwok will not be considered; each bid will always be referred to the whole collection. The end of the auction is set for June 20th, 2015. Bids are binding. In case of defaul by the auction, the collection will be assigned to the holder of the second highest bid. The winner will be notified via email at the end of the auction, as Ebay's practices.
The contractor will be invited for the closing Painted Stars dinner where will personally meet the starred chefs and the authors of the artwork.The collection will be sent to the auction winner after the closing dinner at the end of the event.
  • via Colderù 112 a
    Lentiai (BL)


The "Azienda Agrituristica Bon Tajer" (The "Bon Tajer" Holiday Farm and Restaurant) is located on a beautiful elevation overlooking the Piave Valley. Here every connoisseur of beauty and good food will find what they are looking for.
Company Contacts
via Colderù 112/A
32020 - Lentiai (BL)
+390437751105 www.bontajer.it
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Shine a painted stars right now! Put your offer on ebay to purchase the whole collection, or book for the axclusive closing dinner of PAINTED STARS
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