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HONEY MOONLIGHT EXTRACTION The ancient art of honey extraction to learn all the secrets of honey! The history of honey has its roots in antiquity. The nectar of small, industrious bees has been used for centuries by men as a sweetener for their food. You can simply pull it out from the honeycomb and you're done! The ease of this gesture, however, hides a great job of many small insects, often unknown to people. On the occasion of EXPO 2015 Podere Villa Alessi organizes an evening dedicated to this precious food, in order to taste it with the palate, but also with the "mind". The evening will be the opportunity to learn the long history of honey, its characteristics and its properties and it will grant the participants the unique experience of picking it up in the white crescent moon rays. A really unique opportunity to discover all the properties of this wonderful food. And of course, to taste it!
Honey will also be the theme of the dinner before the extraction. Its different varieties will be combined with ingredients typical of our area and, as always, self-produced.

Hours: from 8 to 12 pm
Cost: 25,00 € per person, water, wine and coffee not included. Children up to 4 years only 1,50 €, from 5 to 12 years 30% off.
How to participate: Reservations recommended by calling 0429/634101 or by sending an e-mail to: info@villalessi.it
Overnight accommodation at our facility, for information and reservations please call 0429/634101 or send an email to: info@villalessi.it
In case of bad weather the event will take place indoors.
  • Via San Pietro, 6
    Faedo, Cinto Euganeo (PD)


Podere Villa Alessi is an agricultural holding and holiday farm surrounded by nature just a few kilometers away from Padova. The company is strongly linked to its territory: in fact our main activity is the production and sale of local products such as wine, oil and jams. We focus on our guests, to offer them experiences in close contact with the nature and with the genuine products of our land, through our restaurant, lodging and wine cellar.
Company Contacts
Via San Pietro, 6
35030 - Cinto Euganeo (PD)
+39 0429 634101 www.villalessi.it
Further information
Podere Villa Alessi is located in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, in the middle of the small Valley of Faedo, an oasis of peace, silence and tranquility. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that nature, and our territory, offer many wonderful products; our task is to ensure that everyone can get to know and appreciate them.
Being a holiday farm, almost everything we offer to our guests is self-produced: pasta, olive oil, wine, jams and sausages are zero-miles food. All products grow in our garden, always with great respect for seasonality ingredients and passion for our work.
We mainly deal with production and direct sale of our wine, but over the years we implemented our structure with a restaurant, a lodging facility and an educational farm.
The restaurant serves local dishes, always in line with the seasonality of the products; the menu changes each time to offer new tastes to try, without forgetting the grandmothers’ recipes and those dishes that made us famous such as the Pedevenda rabbit.
We firmly believe that in order to fully understand the quality of the products of our territory, it is necessary to understand where they come from. For this reason in our Cellar we set up a small path where it is possible to touch the volcanic and sedimentary rocks typical of the Euganean area, on which local crops grow. Here, between our barrels that hold the precious nectar of the gods, we offer guided tasting tours, even on request. And to discover more closely our work, as part of the educational farm project we organize laboratories for children, as well as for adults, to admire the typical fauna and flora of the Euganean Hills heritage.
These workshops are designed to take a close look to our animals and to show to the participants the different kinds of lives, whose fruits will be transformed into wine (in our didactic vineyard there are more than 130 different species of lives).
The accommodation, with four rooms, is appointed with attention to the smallest detail to offer our guests the best possible comfort. It is located in a structure adjacent to the restaurant, completely independent, and, in addition to the rooms, it provides guests with a large relax area and a fully equipped breakfast-room, supplied with products of our company.
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