SGRA DEL PESCE DI CHIOGGIA - 78^ EDIZIONE Seafood Festival Chioggia - 78th Edition
The celebration of the flavours of the sea, the lagoon and the earth
The Seafood Festival of Chioggia was founded in 1938 as a promotional event and a means of stimulating the national economy, encouraging the consumption of seafood and the subsequent fishing industry. To give further interest to this gastronomic event, the local people in traditional costumes enlivened the public square with theatrical performances in dialect, organized competitions for the most beautiful painted sails, and arranged Venetian-style boat races between the city's neighbourhoods.

Today the Seafood Festival reached its 78th edition. It is one of the Veneto region's most important events in the field of folklore and gastronomy. In 2013 it was awarded the prestigious "Italian Marvel" prize by the National Youth Forum, an affiliate of the European Youth Forum, an award that attests the high quality of this gastronomic event.

Every night for ten days, from the second Friday of July, the main square is transformed into a big open-air restaurant. The food stands frame the beautiful setting of the historic centre of Chioggia and offer a full menu from appetizers to desserts with dishes typical of Chioggia’s cuisine: sweet and sour sardines, mixed fried fish with polenta, “cassopipa-style" clams and mussels ", spaghetti marinara, cod, cuttlefish stew with polenta, clams au gratin, the ever popular grilled fish, local desserts such as "Ciosota" cake, "papini", and "bisiole" biscuits served with the sweet Vin Santo dessert wine.

Not only a food festival, but also entertainment! The Seafood Festival is accompanied by many cultural events, music shows, cabaret acts, all free of charge.

This year, with the advent of Expo 2015, the Seafood Festival will also feature a promotional video, devoted to the historical attractions, everyday productive activities, local talent and traditions, the products, and the most important events of Chioggia’s territory.

The gastronomic stands of the Sagra del Pesce are open every evening from 7.00 pm to the 8.00 pm with the take-away and from 8.00 pm to the 12.00 pm with table service.
Every stand proposes a variegated and traditional dishes at low prices!
  • Corso del Popolo
    Chioggia (VE)


Located south of the lagoon of Venice, Chioggia occupies a unique geographical position: between sea and lagoon. It is divided from the sea by a long strip of beach, the lido of Sottomarina. Call little Venice for its picturesque canals and bridges, has a curious urban structure in which the vertical lines of the main road and intersecting Canal with horizontal ones of corns in a near-perfect order to form the classic herringbone.
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Corso del Popolo n.1193
30015 - Chioggia (VE)
390415534811 www.chioggia.org
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