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TRIOLÈ - THE ORIGINAL DOLOMITES GAME THE GAME: TRIOLÈ gives the opportunity to visit most of the Dolomiti while having fun. Its itineraries are divided in 4 categories : WATER, AIR, EARTH and FIRE PLAY WITH US! Each category  suggests 5 famous and original location to discover in the area, additionally each location has its missions to accomplish. 

MODE: The player is free to choose one or more missions per category. The aim is to discover at least one location. The missions consist in completing small challenges like reaching places, gather information, taking pictures etc. It is an amazing opportunity to learn new interesting facts about the area, while having some good fun! In order to complete the missions correctly, the player would have to provide evidence e.g. pictures, videos and answering some questions. If the mission is completed correctly, then the player gets the points.
POINTS: For each and every activity completed correctly, the player receives points. These points are going to be validated by some specific bodies called “uffici passaporto” ( passport offices) located around the area. Before the points are validated the player must prove with evidence the completion of the mission ( answers to the questions to be checked by crew members and the pictures taken must be either posted on social networks with the title :#triolè and #originaldolomites or sent to triolè@originaldolomites.com with the name and title of the mission).
1. Gadget Original Dolomites (150 points)
2. 20% off to be used during your stay .Valid for lunch or dinner at Hotel Digonera, Baita Dovich, Hotel Pineta; ticket for the SPA either at the Hotel La Maison or Hotel Pineta ; shopping at the wrought iron shop Fusina degli Artisti (250 points).
3. 20 % off to be used for future stays* at all facilities in collaboration with Original Dolomites (600 points).
SPECIAL PRIZE once a total of max 1000 points are reached.
One night free for future stays* at all facilities in collaboration with Original Dolomites.


*The stays must be used before the end of 2016 according to the rules and regulations of the facilities.( excluded high-season and only if there are vacancies)
Full terms and conditions at www.originaldolomites.com
TRIOLE' is a ladin word and it means “to wonder off” so... have fun!!
  • via Digonera, 16
    Rocca Pietore (BL)


Historic Hotel Digonera, near Arabba, is one of the most popular structures especially for its excellent cuisine. The restaurant, which was selected by the Michelin Guide, is one of the best in the area.  Staying at the Historic Hotel Digonera means plunging into the warm atmosphere of the Ladin tradition and in the convivial spirit of the Bernardi family who, since 1938, welcomes travellers from all over the world. 
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via Digonera, 16
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At “Digonera” you can enjoy a holiday on the Dolomites filled with wellness: the peaks are sun kissed 8 days out of 10 and the dolomite rock offers a unique experience for the senses. The “Pallidi Mountains” shine like pearls in the light of the sun and become evanescent. This view accompanies visitors on the slopes throughout the day and the proximity to the Marmolada, the undisputed queen of the Dolomites, allows you to enjoy sunset or sunrise during which you can watch the alpenglow, the phenomenon that tinges the mountain tops, from the highest peak, in shades ranging from red to purple.

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