Food and Beverage Quality

This theme provides answers to a wide range of questions concerning food and beverage quality, thanks to a series of events organized in connection with the Expo 2015 themes. More information...

In this sector, there are three high quality warranties: protected origin denomination (DOP) and protected geographic indication (IGP) when a connection among product quality, characteristics or reputation and its geographic origin has been proved, and guaranteed traditional speciality (STG) when a product or food obtained from raw material or ingredients traditionally used or produced, transformed or composed from a traditional method, is identified. Finally, an organic warranty mark exists, and it identifies the products deriving from organic farming.

Something similar can be said for beverages, like wines with protected origin denomination (DOP) or protected geographic area indication (IGP). DOP wines are classified as: of controlled and guaranteed origin denomination (DOCG) and of controlled origin denomination (DOC). IGP wines include the typical geographic origin indication (IGT).

Processing and distributing, storage, transport and retail sale are also certified processes. These processes allow food to be protected from counterfeit attempts or abuses. Inside this theme you can find answers to many questions and curiosities, entering the food world in an exclusive way: a possibility to live a different experience from the inside of the Expo 2015 themes.

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DOC and IGT typical product trademarks and warranties
This route allows you to subscribe to a series of exclusive events inside the trademarks in defence of typical products, during the period of the Universal Exposition 2015.

Quality certifications
This route allows you to participate in a series of events regarding food certifications and planned opportunities, taking place in the same period as the Expo 2015.

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