This theme gives you access to a series of events, developed in the sphere of the Expo 2015, connected to a century-long excellence of the Venetian territory: the artistic heritage. More information...

You can wander around through monuments and historic villas, visit museums and galleries, discovering the thousands of secrets of the company museums, often guardians of amazing masterpieces, or identify new trends in the thematic and personal exhibitions.

In consideration of the fact that the first figurative art proofs in the Venetian region go back to the pre-Roman age, and continue to be produced, one can have only a partial idea of the richness of the heritage which he will witness, without forgetting to mention the high level reached by the local creativity in the sectors of highly-artistic crafts such as goldsmith art, art press, glass and textile processing, gathered as tangible proofs of a century-long tradition of multiple facets.

Art can be seen simply admiring the cities of the region, their unique and unchangeable features, their views, often source of inspiration for many artists. The Venetian territory is a never-ending artistic poem, which you can discover through new eyes during the period of the Expo 2015.

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Monuments and historic villas
This route allows you to interact, through unique initiatives, exclusively for the period of the Universal Exposition, with the numerous works of art displayed in original contexts, far from the usual public spaces and initially founded for private and unofficial use, like the historic villas.

Museums and galleries
This route gives you access to a series of events, organized in the sphere of the Expo 2015, that will allow you to experience unique moments in front of the numerous works of art displayed in museums and galleries of the territory.

Company Museums
For the whole period of the Universal Exposition, the entire Venetian productive chain offers the unique possibility to access company museums through this route.

Thematic and personal exhibitions
The huge architectural heritage of the region, both historic and modern, and the artistic vocation of the territory, allow to host various thematic and personal exhibitions.

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