Business and human resources

This theme gives you access to a series of routes, designed in relation to the themes of the Expo 2015, regarding work and human resources: from employees' rights and labour unions, to education and safety management systems, from materials for work-safety to business certifications, from recruiting centres to employment agencies. More information...

Each worker member of the Veneto productive chain, following precise EU norms, benefits from a series of rights concerning work healthcare and safety, equal opportunities between men and women, safeguard against any kind of discrimination.

In this context, a fundamental role is played by labour unions, which can be defined as "non-official workers associations, founded with the aim of protecting the professional interest of their members". Their activity is put into effect at different levels, business, comprehensive, regional and national, providing assistance and counselling services to their members.

Throughout the territory the improvement of healthcare and safety in all sectors, public and private, is encouraged. Another goal is the improvement of living and working conditions, to be obtained by spreading information through counselling and education.

Talking about work safety means talking about people, not about bureaucracy, and the right to health is an inescapable principle. An etic world, complex and of extraordinary importance, opens its doors to employees, employers or simply curious visitors, to make themselves known through a series of focused initiatives, in conjunction with the Universal Exposition 2015.

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Safety education and management systems
Healthcare and work safety management are essential parts of the general business management. For this reason, counselling and training, provided by specialized companies through safety management systems, result fundamental.

Safety devices in the work place
Discover all the different opportunities and exclusive events realized, taking inspiration from the themes of the Expo 2015, in the sphere of safety devices in the work place. Work safety practice has an essential role in working environments, not only for the most exposed categories, but also for a wide range of working activities.

Company certifications
Find inside this route a series of events, in the sphere of the Universal Exposition 2015, revolving around the world of Company Certifications.

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