Connections with the world

Thanks to computer technology the whole world is connected. Thanks to broadband connection it is possible to talk in a video-conference from one side of the ocean to the other. More information...

Television allows us to share events among millions of people, means of information are increasingly interactive; while business and product promotion takes place on more media supports (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

All these activities encounter in the Venetian territory a particularly active and evolved chain, and involve a great number of businesses which, on the occasion of the EXPO 2015, have defined and realized a series of events divided into specific routes.

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Computer technologies
In the Venetian territory there are more than five thousand companies operating in the Information Technology sector. Businesses which operate both in the engineering of other companies' products, thus inserted in a heterogeneous manner inside many manufacturing chains, and in the realization of services for consumers.

Business and product promotion
Creativity and severity are at the basis of the Venetian companies employed in the communication sector. The starting point is the ethic approach both towards clients and receivers.

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