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Here you can find complete information on popular feasts, fairs, shows and traditional events in programme in the Venetian region during the Universal Exposition of Milan. More information...

The Venetian territory has always benefitted from a consolidated tradition in popular feasts and traditional events which well represent the livelihood and variety of the regional territory both in cultural and landscape terms.

Generally, popular feasts are ceremonies of consecration of a territory or of an object of worship, a patron's feast, or profane feasts connected to the celebration of the product of the earth: for example, the chestnut, grape or cherry feasts.

Historically, popular feasts were a roundup of itinerant vendors and buyers, in the past generally of agricultural products, which took place periodically in a location celebrating a patron saint or a recurrence.

Today the term fair indicates trade fairs, which take place in certain locations on pre-fixed dates, like the bicycle and book feasts, or sample-fairs, where only the samples of the products sold on ordination are exposed.

Shows are generally ceremonies or public shows of average or big dimensions: sports, musical and exhibitions.

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Inside this route you can discover the numerous events organized in the Venetian territory on the occasion of the Expo 2015.

In the Venetian territory you can visit and participate in some of the most important popular feasts of the Italian and international panorama.

Popular feasts
The Venetian territory has always benefitted from well-established feast and traditional event customs, which well represent the liveliness and the variety of the regional territory both in cultural and landscape terms.

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