Routes for the soul

This theme introduces you to a world full of culture and tradition, through the so-called routes of the soul, defined by a series of events, in the sphere of the Universal Exposition 2015, regarding pilgrimages and religious tourism, places of worship and sacred painting. More information...

The Venetian territory is a land made precious by stories of men of deep religiosity and by places dense with spiritual energy, around which small and big sanctuaries have risen. Here it is possible to move through itineraries which give importance to human facts, places of worship and sacred art: fascinating sites enriched at the same time by history, culture and mystery.

Cathedrals, basilicas, sanctuaries, convents, places of retreat and sacred places are testimonies of an artistic path influenced by other cultures which, over the ages, alternated themselves in the territory from the most remote times, and which, being guardians of corpses and relics, have become important pilgrimage and touristic destinations.

Testimonies of the places of worship spread over the Venetian territory demonstrate how much this land represents a unique example of history and spirituality.

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Pilgrimages and religious tourism
In this route, you can subscribe to a series of events and itineraries that, on the occasion of the Universal Exposition 2015, will bring you to discover unique places.

Places of worship
This route allows you to participate in a series of events, designed on the occasion of the Expo 2015, in the discovery of unique places where the real protagonists are silence, religious concentration, prayers and meditation.

Sacred art
This route gives you the possibility to take part in a series of events, designed in conjunction with the Universal Exposition 2015, about the world of sacred painting.

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